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  1. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  2. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  3. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  4. k9sar

    Ban the person above you...

    ^^^ banned for a bad selfie as a profile pic
  5. k9sar

    Another Forum Game

    ^ forgot how to use a calendar < lump? what lump? v probably doesn't get the obscure reference to that Mel Brooks movie
  6. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Jumping Ship
  7. k9sar

    Ban the person above you...

    ^ banned for needing a reason
  8. k9sar

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for having gas worst than Pumbaa
  9. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  10. k9sar

    Window limit?

    yea, saw that but also ran across mention of there being a procedure if there is not a reset switch on the motor. I'll admit that I got a little lazy on this and did not crawl through the FSM to see of the R51 pathy take the with or without motor assembly. I had not done any work (replace glass etc) or left the battery disconnected for a lengthy time that I can recall so I was hoping that the limit got screwed up accidentally by some sequence of holding the button too long, etc... otherwise it may be a mechanical failure of the switch itself. For me, it's only a little bit aggravating but the wife keeps calling me when she takes the truck and can't get the window to stay up.
  11. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

    suspended (thought this thread died a horrible death years ago)
  12. k9sar

    Window limit?

    Drivers side window, when using auto-up, will close completely then open about 3 inches. I've run across mention that this is a safety feature (so you don't decapitate your cat) and that somehow the window motor has 'forgotten' the upper limit or travel. Does anyone know if these trucks (2005 SE) have the limit reset button on the motor assembly or if the limit is reset through some sort of key/button dance?
  13. Never saw option 2.. Sure, I'd definitely install them. Had new shocks and struts installed in march so I wouldn't even need to fight with rusted bolts
  14. I would but I'm not close enough.

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