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  1. k9sar


    rules mine out. I beat the crap out of it but if you want to throw 10k my way, I'd consider selling my 05.
  2. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    raising Arizona
  3. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    fly ball
  4. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    back issue
  5. k9sar

    Ban the person above you...

    banned for a full inbox
  6. My 79 year old mother's Cadillac SRX (part of my inheritance..eventually) suddenly lost brakes. She came out of a store and when she hit the pedal, it went to the floor. Brakes had been working fine up until then. About a year and a half ago, all the hard lines had been replaced due to corrosion and her pads were replaced about 6 months ago. Anyway, she was able to limp it to her house. I stopped over to take a look and found the following: Running or not, the brake pedal goes to the floor when pressed. The brake fluid reservoir is full. There are no observed leaks around the master cylinder or junction block for the rear lines. After pressing the brakes a dozen or so times to the floor, there was no brake fluid leaked onto the driveway or any leakage around the calipers. So immediately I thought... master cylinder failed and ordered a replacement. Removed the hard lines (2) from the master cylinder and capped/plugged them. Swapped the reservoir to the new master cylinder and filled it with fluid. plugged the ports on the MC and held it in a bench vice. Using an old push-rod from a blown dodge engine, I forced the piston in the MC until it was no longer burping air and the piston was unable to be depressed. I felt that was a successful bench-bleed so I installed it in the vehicle, including using a syringe to add fluid to the rigid lines before installing in the MC (barely took any so I'm thinking that no air should have gotten into the system other than maybe a tiny bubble. I was very careful not to introduce air since it was cold and pouring down rain and I didn't feel like crawling under and bleeding the system. Got everything tight and wiped down... got in the vehicle and tested the brakes..... right to the floor DAMNIT! so, now I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. What could cause a sudden loss of brakes that did not involve a ruptured line or failed MC? My understanding of the vacuum assist is that there is a hard linkage there through the diaphragm so even if the VA failed, brakes would still work. Any thoughts on where to look next? oh yea, and some clown on the Cadillac forums tried to tell me that a loose hub or wheel axle would cause that since the piston on the caliper would have to push much further if it were loose. He obviously doesn't understand disc brakes.
  7. k9sar

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  8. k9sar

    Another Forum Game

    ^ is insensitive to a person's ... aroma < currently smells like garlic v has issues with garlic.... and sunlight
  9. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    wool socks
  10. k9sar

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Replaced the battery. The single digit weather in the northeast finally did it in and starting was a no-go. When I pulled the old battery out, I saw the date code on it.... C9. Damned near lasted 10 years!
  11. k9sar

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    pig nose
  12. k9sar

    Moderator/Admin accessibility

    Can I use the 'Report' function to report admins who seem to be slacking on their duties or are just too damned lazy to cleanout their inboxes?
  13. If spring rolls around and you are still interested in doing skids, I'd be glad to work with you to get measurements, mock-ups etc.

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