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  1. Precise1

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Running Scared B
  2. Precise1

    time for a new FORUM GAME

    Redneck This one I must explain... " wmode="transparent" style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars=""> B
  3. Precise1

    Want your thoughts..

    So, what I would do is find yourself another VG33E block and go through it, top to bottom (I'm sure there are some aftermarket parts available), but specifically focus on porting/polishing the heads, any valve upgrades available and installing upgraded cams. Smooth out your intakes and exhaust manifolds, consider high flow cats, but definitely go with a after market/custom cat back exhaust. When your old motor tires/fails, swap the waiting one in with mostly stock components, and enjoy a fresh motor that performs 10-20% over stock. For road vehicles that has always been my strategy: Stock motor (maybe cam replacement) and peripherals (unless there is an inhibiting/fail prone component) for reliability, and then make it breathe like a cheetah and fart like an ox. Just think of an engine as a self driven air pump; as long as it has sufficient fuel, all it wants is all the air it can draw and not having it backed up on the way out. Oversimplification, but you get the point. You might want to consider setting all of this up and then doing the swap on your own schedule. Not only is it more convenient, but then you have a running motor to sell... BTW, unless you are extraordinarily hard on vehicles, you shouldn't be having issues. The VG series is known for 250k miles (400k km) without major issue at norm; we have a 1999.0 with 300k km that runs flawlessly. B
  4. Precise1

    What is your Pathfinders nickname?

    I should add the nickname that my wife gave pathy #3, the part out: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET RID OF THAT THING! B
  5. Just for fun, or be pedantic, do those bearing codes have something to do with diameters and angles, or are they just an in house nomenclature? B
  6. Precise1

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Which one? I drove one to the store... I walked past the other one... I put the battery charger on the next one... Y U SO PIKY? Dude... Don't get me wrong, but the WD21, without major mods, is a base level SUV that is surprisingly capable. The WD21 with some mods is awesome for a base level SUV (We're past Jeep here). The WD21 is a base level SUV unless you full on Steevo it. At that point, buy something else... (No slight on Steevo, he has taken the WD21 as far as it goes, that direction) ruggedrocks if you don't know. It's all good... WD21's are awesome! B
  7. Precise1

    40mm lift - anything I should consider?

    You are in good hands.... So, consider if you do any towing, heavy hauling, there are quality airbags that go inside the rear coil springs and can be set to 0-15 lbs (IIRC). Point is, install the super lift arms (they are good, I have them too), install the rear bags (of you haul/tow), inflate the rear as appropriate, adjust the front with in it's bounds, then have it aligned. I think you get the point. You should be good from there... B
  8. Precise1

    Bumper Kits

    Sorry, just have to brain fart. It is the ExBrit in SoCal that has good info on this, made it fit right without much trouble. I'll try to link if I recall, but search for XJ bumper or ExBrit (why the hell is he here) R50 bumper, or whatever. You'll find it, and yes, it works... (thanks ExBrit, hope to meet you some day) B
  9. Precise1

    What is your Pathfinders nickname?

    Little Stomper Because it feels like driving a Tonka Truck would/should, but it will never grow up to be a Bigfoot. Just the way I like it... B
  10. Precise1

    time for a new FORUM GAME

    Potato And I don't have to farking explain it! B
  11. Precise1

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Silent Laughter B
  12. Precise1

    Other Nissan Forums

    Dare we branch out and make a WD22 section? D22? (N50 might be pushing it) We could call it NPORA (WFX) I've been recommending a little bit of change up/new blood for a few years now, trying to keep NPORA from stagnating. It might even bring some of the newer enthusiasts into the old fold as well... B
  13. Precise1

    Rebuilding my front end, part recommendations?

    Adam, the metal aftermarket ones, or the stock plastic ones? If the metal AM, yes I would like dimensions, but the stock, no point. For the former, I'd just send you calipers and teach you how to use them... Let me get the lathe first. B
  14. Precise1

    Post a picture of something Amazing or Awesome!

    Shot this on Monday right here in town. My friend is a wanna be pro-photographer and he let me play with one of his multi-thousand dollar rigs. It is a midline Nikon with a 200-500 zoom on it. The subjects are a group of herons and egrets (3-4 different species) that make their nests in a few trees in the center divide of a busy street in a residential section in the west end of town. They do it every year, as a general "fark you", I think. Cool, none the less. I haven't gone through all the photos yet, much less touch them up, but I'll just leave this teaser for now.
  15. Precise1

    VG30 or VG30E direct replacement

    That is a pretty penny for that motor, but you should be able to sell some of the parts you can't use in the swap to even it out. I have no idea if you are still looking, but I have a VG30E out of a '91 to sell. B

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