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  1. I have not done this, nor do I recall, but there are some very specific threads on it that MAY have the info? Check out Mr510's VG3.4 build, that may have it or lead to it. Best I got, hope it helps... B
  2. Put it all in a shipping container and send it to my house. I'll pay postage... B
  3. Hey Bud, I'm up in the North Bay (Santa Rosa), but I don't have a shop and already have 2 non-drivable Pathfinders in the driveway... so while I'm willing to help, you aren't worth a divorce. I haven't been active for a bit and don't know who has done one recently, but the info shouldn't have changed much. Look in the Garage section, maybe the SAS/HardKoor section? Anyway, welcome, learn to use the search tool, and feel free to ask new question. B
  4. I have a buzz in my '99 that happens between 1,200ish to 1,800ish. I haven't looked and just ignore it when I can't WOT and then just idle... (Yes, I an certain it is from the exhaust) B
  5. Very nice... it seems like you know your way around a wrench/4x4... There are quite a few members down there, so go to the "Regional Areas" on the bottom of the main page and look around. TheExBrit (IIRC) is someone you need to go for a ride with... B
  6. This is where the fun starts... the "stock" center link stresses joints by rotating under load IIRC. It generally means that it will be in the alignment bay a lot if used hard... probably the weakest part of the entire design. An idler arm brace will help some, but either aftermarket replacements or being careful is the best bet to avoid disappointment. B
  7. No wonder I didn't recognize you! Musta been the place around the corner... Boy, this just got awkward! B
  8. Got it, and sorry, I somehow missed that the Yeti 100 was a "stand alone" system that you mounted, rather than just a solar panel. I also forgot to mention the cost of a solar charge controller in my previous post, but that's the cheapest component... around $50-100, depending. Yes, the batteries will help, but systems are a balance of input and output, I've found. Rarely have I ever set up a system and discovered that I had too much solar wattage... Especially since conditions are so often not ideal, I've found overspecing the panels pays off in the long run, especially with lead acid batteries. They don't like deep discharges, and have memories so a complete charge every use cycle is important of you want them to last. And of course the batteries are the easiest component to add to the system, but you know all this. It's amazing to me that more people don't utilize solar power, both stationary and mobile platforms. With a little bit of planning, it can replace a generator for casual use at least. I had emergency power at home when fires/PGE cut the power locally. People couldn't easily get gas for their generators, but my fridge/freezer kept running and I had plenty extra for lights and charging electronics from just a 400W system.
  9. Banned for being such a lousy shot. "Real NPORA Moderator" B
  10. I've delved into solar a bit... I have a Harbor Fright unit on my greenhouse (used that as a starting/learner kit), then set up a 400 watt off grid system with 5kW battery storage for emergency power (it also runs the fridge and freezer in my garage), I have small 40 watt panels on my kayak (40lb thrust trolling motor) that I have removed and started to make a folding/portable array for camping/emergencies with. I'm not saying I know all things solar, but I am familiar with small systems. If I were to make a roof mount set up for a Pathy, I'd probably use these 100W semi-flex solar panels, 1 or 2 of these sealed AGM deep cycle batteries into a power inverter with a "cigarette lighter" aka "power port" adapter for 12v power. A 100W, 35Ahr 12v port system would be under $250 and a 200W, 70Ahr system with a 400 watt inverter would be under $500. I'd mount the panels on a wooden base with a provision to be able to prop it up to catch the sun, or even be easily removable so you can better track the sun when stationary. *I used the dimensions from a 1999 R50 roof rack (40"x50" usable space). B
  11. I've installed a couple of sets of the air bags with fair success, and I suspect they might be sufficient for your issue, as long as you aren't doing any serious wheeling anyway. They are fairly hardy and definitely the cheapest/easiest option. Being able to adjust them is a nice benefit as well. If you are leery of using them, I would simply go with heavier rated springs (shocks don't really address the issue), and be prepared to install some spacers if the springs themselves aren't enough. It's basically depends on your comfort/budget factor.
  12. Welcome Poppa, and yes, the hive mind here knows damn near everything about Pathfinders and related motors/vehicles. IIRC the 3.3 is your only reasonable option. The VQ35 is a totally different animal needing a different mounting/transmission/rear end... I don't know that anyone has done it, but I don't know everything either. There are a few things you can do the to 3.3 to wake it up some though. Run something other than the stock intake/air box, port/polish the intake/plenum, install stage 1 cams or cams from a VG30, but I don't know about down stream exhaust mods/gains downstream of the two cats/O2 sensors. Then there is the supercharged version of the VG33 out of a Frontier or Xterra, but those are pricey and in high demand. Anyway, look around and do some searches, the info is here... B
  13. Damn, I said we needed new Mods many years ago, and you are just now getting around to it? Congrats mjotrainbrain, and welcome aboard. I used to serve the coffee around here occasionally a while back... B
  14. Yeah, I recognize a few names as well... Welcome back! You aren't the only one who took a break, and as for this "I'm so old" crap... psha! B
  15. Hello, and welcome! Assuming all the other brake components are in good order and the brakes are properly bled, if your stopping ability is poor, check to make you don't have a vacuum leak, that the vacuum booster is working properly, and that your master cylinder isn't leaking. Otherwise, these should stop as well as any other 2 ton 4x4. Agreed, and I seem to recall a few people doing so, for the simplicity and parts availability. I've considered the rear disk swap, but have decided against it for exactly the same reason. Properly supported, it would be the ideal set up, but... B

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