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  1. Well actually, my Pathy has been plagued with Hard shifting from 1st to 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd since the first year. They replaced some part in the transmission almost 2 years, can't think of the name of it right now, but it didn't really help the problem. So for the last 3 years, depending how hard I'm pushing the gas and when it decides to shift; I usually feel like a slight jerk between 1st to 2nd(Feels like someone kicked my seat), and a hesitation between 2nd and 3rd. Has been doing this for 3 years but has not gotten worse. Again, the dealer thinks it's operating normally. Got another 30k left on the warranty, so hopefully if it goes bad, it goes bad soon
  2. Ok, so I ended up adding almost 2 quarts of transmission fluid to bring the level back to normal. I also want to add that I sometimes drive her pretty hard, especially when I take her off-road. So I don't know, maybe burning a bit of transmission fluid would be the cause? She's got 32k miles right now and is due for her 30k mile major maintainence or so the Nissan Dealer says to take my money. I'll monitor the level for the next few days.
  3. Crap! So this morning I walk out to my drive out and noticed a puddle of fluid. Put my finger on it and found out that it was Transmission fluid! My vehicle was parked at another location 10 feet away at the time, so I decided to move my vehicle back from where it was and see if there was any fluid underneath. No fluid, so I thought "Phew, not me. Probalby the water delivery truck or something." I start my pathy and let it run...Checked the fluid, BONE dry! Haven't noticed any shifting problems or anything recently. Now I did do some light off-roading 2 days ago. Wasn't anything serious and didn't really bottom out. Could Off-roading have caused it? I still got 30k left on the Drive Train warranty. So hopefully it's a "warranty issue" and not a "OFF-roading" issue. Any ideas? Joe By the way, it's a 2003 Pathy LE. Always had hard shifting from 1st to 2nd, but the dealer said nothing was wrong 2 years ago.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah, my dash and stock bose system looks almost exactly like those pics. My only concern was that on the right side near the bottom, the stereo face begins to angle inward slightly at an diagonal. Not sure if it's just the look or appearance, but I was concerned that the slight inward angle towards the bottom would prevent a double-din from fitting properly. Take a look at your dash and bose system. Tell me if you see that slight inward angle? Thanks, Joe
  5. Hello all, Ok, so from looking at my Bose stereo on my 03 Pathfinder LE, I want to say it looks like it's double din, as in it's 2x the size of regular headunits. I am looking to get the Pioneer AVIC-D1 navigation head unit put into the dash where the original bose system sits. The AVIC-D1 is said to fit only double-din dash's. You folks have any idea of it will fit or whether or not I got a double din? I want to say I do have double din, but looks could be decieving. Thanks, Joe
  6. Ok, so I'm looking to get a set of Rancho RS 5000 or the RSX. Just a quick question. In comparison to the stock shocks/struts, what kinda difference in ride feel and performance can I expect after getting the Rancho? Thanks, Joe
  7. So the site says its for the 98-2002 Pathfinder. I got an 2003 with the Bose System and In-Dash CD changer. Will this work? Joe Hwang
  8. NICE! How those tires working out for ya on highway/regular roads?
  9. Looks bad a$$! Nice work on the detailing/wax job. What's your detailing routine? I usually use Meguires wash with the NXT Wax, but don't think I get it looking that good though. Later, Joe
  10. My OE tires for my 2003 Pathy LE are 245/65-17 . Looking to get the Bridgestone A/T Revo's, but apparently they don't offer them in my size. Or at least don't display them on the Tirerack.com site as offered for my vehicle specs. Anything I can do to get those on? Or will they just not fit? Later, Joe
  11. My OE tires for my 2003 Pathy LE are 245/65-17 . Looking to get the Bridgestone A/T Revo's, but apparently they don't offer them in my size. Or at least don't display them on the Tirerack.com site as offered for my vehicle specs. Anything I can do to get those on? Or will they just not fit? By the way, I think my wheels are 17" inch if that helps. Later, Joe
  12. Hey, where'd you get your revo's and what year is your pathy? I tried going to TireRack.com but the tires offered for my vehicle don't display the Bridgestone A/T Revo's as being offered for my vehicle specs.
  13. I do experiencing some jerking or a thump when I turn off the ignition after parking while the pathy is in 4-wheel auto or 4-wheel High lock.
  14. I have a 03 Pathfinder LE with the All-Mode 4 Wheel drive and noticed that when I have it set in Auto, the pathy fish tails when when I stomp on the accelerator in Snowy conditions. This occurs especially when making a turn and sometimes just driving straight. The vehicle is obviously fish tailing because the rear wheels are spinning out. Then when I set it to 4-Wheel High, it works fine and there is no fish-tailing. Now of course, I do have to admit that it may not be wise to briefly stomp or gas it in the snow in 4 wheel auto , but whats the use of having a pathy with 4 wheel drive if you aren't gonna play with it . Anyhow..Based on what I read, the 4-Wheel Drive "AUTO" mode is supposed to sense slipping or loss of tractiong from the rear wheels and then engage the front wheels to compensate. This is supposed to occur within mili-seconds and therefore result in no slipping or fish-tailing while driving. Anyone else experiencing this? Later, Joe

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