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  1. What size strut spacer would I need to level out the stock suspension? I have a bull bar on the front and it makes the front sit much lower than it used to..
  2. I have the ones made by Nissan, I called a dealership and they had a few sitting around.. I would give that a try.
  3. I would come up this weekend, but it doesn't look like ill be able to make it. I wanna see alot of pictures though haha
  4. Im from southeastern Pa. id be interested in doing some wheeling this summer
  5. If your not going to do serious off-roading I would just do new wheels and some A/T tires. Spend the rest of the $5000 on gas
  6. Welcome from about 1 hour south of you haha. Nice looking pathfinder
  7. nice, is it just held on by the screws clamping down on it or is there something on the inside of it that makes it stay put
  8. Where did you get the antenna mount that mounts on the brushguard?
  9. ben0326

    Tire Options

    The 8th one down is 31x10.5R15 for $144 per tire
  10. A used F-150 is probably your best bet. If you wanted to stick with Nissan you could probably get a used Titan for around 12k. I'm not sure what your price range is though.
  11. When I printed them out the coupon opened in a PDF file. I printed 3 from the same file and they all have the same numbers on them.. I guess I'll find out if I can use all 3 of them
  12. If your looking for just the rack look in a junkyard. I got a factory roof rack for 45 dollars from a junkyard.
  13. Would this same combination, 16x8 wheel with 4" BS and -12mm and 265/70/r16's work on a 1999.5 XE 4x4? edit- Actually the wheels I'm looking at are -11mm offset.. would the 1mm make that much of a difference?
  14. Im loving that pathfinder ronin. Where in PA are you from?

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