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  1. seems no one wants to buy a pathfinder, i couldnt sell the thing. so i bagged the sh!t out of it
  2. i have one yea but dont think its coming from that
  3. no water got inside. the beeping is coming from somewhere inside sounds like all around since its so loud. and i can unlock my drivers door from the outside and also the window only goes half down then un-aligns its self
  4. I drove my 95 LE through a pretty deep slew... got stuck a couple times and made it through a couple the water was up to the grille.. the alternator went so i bought a new one and now everything works fine except when im driving a loud beep comes on and off and sometimes stays on for a while.. my doors randomly lock and unlock by themselves and the starter randomly engages the odd time while its running? would the computer be fried? if so what year(s) of junkyard pathfinders should i use from if i cant find a 95.. and where even is the computer on my truck. Thanks
  5. sorry i couldnt get pics till after hockey.. also i decided to do it the faster way lol
  6. ok, i see them i think.. we'll see how it goes. thanks!
  7. i looked under the bumper and saw the black bar/mount thing going from the bumper to some where on the frame maybe. on the inside of the wheel well i have these rubber flaps. are the bolts behind the flaps by the frame?
  8. sounds hard im not seeing these 2 bolts...lol
  9. would i have to take the skid plate off to take off the bumper? because those bolts on there break forsure.
  10. Ok so i bought a pair of 3x5" 55watt halogen fog lights with the yellow lenses. and i want to mount them either on top of the front bumper on either side with has been done before a lot. OR cut out the plastic black bar beside the signal light and have them in there (they prob wont fit tho) so for the top how would i put on the nut to the underside of the bumper when mounting the light through the hole i drill in the top??? i dont want to take off the bumper because the bolts will all probably break. do you think i can take out the signal light bezel and reach my hand in there to do it? or how else would i do this.... Thanks! also i was bored so heres some random pics of the rig
  11. i want to hockey puck lift my 95 le.... maybe just 2 inches since i heard with a 3 inch you cant shift into 4lo and you need a rad mod or something. so should i go 2 or 3 inches? also what do i all need to buy, how many pucks needed, how long of bolts, anyone got a how-to on this....?
  12. going to in a bit.... i got hung up really bad in deep snow about a week ago if that helps.. but it didnt stop working until today so yeah
  13. my speedometer and odometer/trip also doesnt work as of this morning when leaving to school.. anybody know what could have gone wrong?? at least if i ever deside to sell, it will have less km's on it then it does lol

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