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    1987 2 dr runnin 31'' bfg all terran , warn premium hubs, brand new springs and torsion bars from old man emu , superwinch lp8500, baja lighting on the front of a custom front bumper ( i built) as well the engine is stock and run good
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    Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
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    Weekend Warrior
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    SE Offroad
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    Strathmore Alberta
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    i love golfing , and weekend offroading ,camping with friend and family and traveling
  1. guess we will see but hope to start my next pathy project and have this one sold soon so as long as the paint stay good for a year or so im happy
  2. frined of mine has it on his car hood from factory maybe i will look in to it thanks might stop some of the chips little i can handle but not much again thanks again
  3. i know some but not two weeks after painting and it only after i got the new tire but today i got a set of flaps and so far the nicks have gone down down fall is they rug abit at full flex but going to live with it but at least my paint is somewhat safer
  4. the paint job was done good but when rocks up one inch hit the truck paint does not stay on the flare i have do to the law around here are pricks so there there to prevent me from getting tickets
  5. i just paint my pathy crystal blue and i gotmy new tires before never had a problem with paint chipping on the bottem of my pathy but cleaning the pathy today i saw little chipping on paint missing on my truck boy was i mad six months of rebuilding and one day on offroading and then chips so what i want to know and ideas if should get mud flaps on shouldnt i and what to you think i should use
  6. looking for tires for my other truck

  7. will this mod work for my 87 pathy or is it for new pathys
  8. but your not talking about the hole front lift just the upper arms right
  9. for aftermarket uca"s what do think is the best to use if i were to upgrade
  10. thanks again i will try itand get back to you on hows it works and what is UCA's again i cant remember
  11. but will i need to change the arms in the rear and wont it rise truck to much in the rear or do i cut the coils down to what i need for height
  12. i been trying to gain height on my pathy and i got it when i put new torions in the front and there enough to run 31's and i there not even cranked but now i put new coils in from old man emu and the rear still sags what can i do to increase the rear height what coils could i use

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