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    05 SE - 265/75-16 Firestone Destination ATs, Pro Comp 8089 wheels, Airlift airbags, AEM Brute Force Intake, Optima Red Top battery, Radiator transmission cooler bypass TRADED - 01 SE. 2" AC suspension lift, K&N drop in filter, Ion Alloy Chrome 16x8 wheels, 265/75-16 Goodyear MTR's, Manik grill guard and taillight covers, sgt lobo rack, carseat and a couple stray cheerios. TRADED - 94 SE, 15x8 street locks, 32x11.5 BFG AT's, K&N cone filter, Rancho steering stabilizer, 3" PA body lift, Bosch Platinum +4 plugs, MSD wires, rear frame rot - SOLVED!!!, AC Prerunner bar.
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  1. Its not really a ring at all, just the design of the wheel. I never thought of it as a beadlock style. I am all about the beauty though. The tires have been great, quieter than anything I've had before.
  2. My Terra Grapplers were finally shot at 85,000 miles. This time I decided to try the Firestone Destination AT's. At the same time I added some Pro Comp 8089 wheels.
  3. I bypassed my radiator and am just using the stock transmission cooler on mine. It was very easy to bypass and cost less than $10 in supplies at the auto parts store.
  4. Thanks everyone. Happy Birthday B and to everyone else.
  5. +1 on the XR400. I've had my 99 XR400 for almost 7 years now and still don't want any other bike for the trail riding that I do. As others have already said, its a bulletproof bike that just keeps going. I've beat mine up pretty good with lots of run-ins with trees, rocks, gravity, whatever and it always starts right back up and keeps me on the trail. The only things you really need to add to them are some good bark-busters to keep your fingers firmly attached to your hands in the event of a tree or two jumping in front of you. Before the XR I had a 300EX ATV that I was never too comfortable on. Possibly because I grew up on dirtbikes, or because I'm 6'3 and 200 pounds. The bike just fits better. Sounds like MWS has a great deal for you, I'd definitely try to do that. Good luck.
  6. Got any more information on this lift? What else does it include besides shocks? How much $$$?
  7. I'm fairly close, Hammond, WI. I work in St. Paul though. I haven't been as active on the boards lately as I used to be though.
  8. Cool, I can't wait to see more than just the one picture they have on their site. What size tires do you have on yours now?
  9. Sounds familiar Stuck in the snow I didn't get any other trucks stuck, but did have to leave it overnight before we got it out.
  10. Nice truck. Not too many people out there know about Strongbad, nice name!
  11. I have 265/75 16's on my 05 SE. I think any bigger and I would have to start trimming the fender liner at least.
  12. I had the Rancho 9000's and was very happy with them. Just leave them on 3 while on the road and they are perfect.
  13. I have the Nitto Terra Grapplers on mine in 265/75 R16. I think the larger tire looks a little better, but I wish these tires were offered with white lettering. I have about 15,000 miles on them so far and they are wearing well and have been good in both the snow and some mud. They are much quieter than the MTR's I had on my 01 too. They aren't very expensive, but did have some good reviews, so I tried them and am impressed.
  14. Welcome back Jim! Glad to hear things are looking better for you!
  15. I just got a Magnaflow about 2 months ago. I like the sound, but I think my gas mileage has gone down a little.
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