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  1. Ramon

    something to do?

    Personally I spend lots of time in the following webs may be you can see other related too the best games I ever found are Nintendo 64 Super nintendo and nintendo sistems roms donwloadable wich I play in my pc you only need the emulator and Done!! you don't even need internet to havehour of fun (personally I love these games ) but you can also find from neo geo and other game consoles too donwloadable here is my main source http://www.emulatorworld.com/ other distractions I see are this rusian page have a game section i cool and entertaining http://fishki.net/index.php?topic=19 i just transalte it wiht google and my usual websites http://failblog.org/ http://www.pajarracos.es/ view movies free online http://www.peliculas-flv.com/ i love the music from this radio station http://universalstereo.mx/ I don't know if you speak spanish but these are great pages to visit http://hazmeelchingadofavor.com/ http://soloenmexico.com.mx/
  2. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    sounds like a good machine to go off road right?
  3. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    Looks pretty nice to me those toys are really cool
  4. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    The star war walker AT-AT is the one I always wanted to have is one of the best vehicles from the saga
  5. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    My sister had a simon one looks so cute!
  6. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    Wow let us see how the toy is nowdays please!!
  7. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    hey i had some thing like that too it was my thunder cat sword
  8. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    Oh yes the old legos there was a brand called TENTE did you ever hear about it? and yep those tasty polymers
  9. Ramon

    Going on a cruise tomorrow be back Monday

    Cozumel Mexico??? Man you will love that place I tell you is very CALIENTE place I strongly recommend it to you use a sun protector LOL Hope you had fun and don´t forget to take pictures and show us here ok?
  10. Ramon

    Toys from your childhood

    This year I get 30 YO and suddenly while searching stuff on the internet I found a picture of one toy I had when I was young the Destroyer from Tonka Monster truck its from the 80´s and almost cry when I see it , this was one of my favs toy that still one of my nephews use nowdays So I decide to ask you post your fav toy (images are better) So lets begging This is the Destroyer I really love this toy and always wanted to have the entire collection unfortunatelly I can only have this one . The next one is .... a playmobil crane i love to put all aboard I finally the one I ow why I love airplanes my F14 from Gi Joe I loved this toy because It was the type of toy that had real stuff related the landing gears actually hide up with the lever on top in the middle Do you remember what toy you just to play whit? Post a have good memory´s if I made a grammar mistake forgive me it was the emotion.
  11. Ramon

    My Timing belt blew up

    I will repair it :-)
  12. Ramon

    My Timing belt blew up

    Actually I did about 4 times LOL
  13. Ramon

    My Timing belt blew up

    unfortunatelly i was on high way and I try before truck stops :-( Is ok I can fix it by my seelf it will be let's say my new years resolution
  14. Ramon

    My Timing belt blew up

    Umm ok i see... the timing belt is cheap so... why not? I will try
  15. Ramon

    My Timing belt blew up

    Yeas you are right personally I don't have time and space a little of money may be but I think is enough of her she was actually been hit on side doors .

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