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  1. Wow, did you buy 5 wheels or just 4? I only bought 4 of the 15x7's and they only ran $300 even. That included shipping and everything. Come up to about $65 per wheel.
  2. I have the 15x7 daytonas in black, they look great. I went with the 7" because I know I will never go up to 33's. Currently running 31's and thinking of stepping up to 32's this fall.
  3. The bomb found in Time Square this weekend was found in the back of a Pathfinder. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36892505/ns/us_news-security
  4. I replaced my ball joints a few months ago. I didn't have any loc-tite, and with the Pathy tore down, no way to go get some. I figured I would get some later and fix things up then. I forgot til yesterday. http://img13.imageshack.us/i/bustedpathy1w.jpg/ http://img714.imageshack.us/i/bustedpathy2.jpg/ http://img227.imageshack.us/i/bustedpathy3.jpg/ 2 new ball joints, 1 new brake line, and 4 hours in the dark fighting mosquitos later, it was good as new. My ABS and brake light are still on though. I bled the brakes but they haven't gone off. When I unplug the wires from the master cylinder they go out but come back on when I plug it back up. Do I still have air in the lines or do I need to do something else? Oh yeah, I used loc-tite when I reassembled everything. I just realized these are the first pics of my pathy have put on NPORA. It's a shame that it was broken. I will have to get some more and get them added to member pics.
  5. I have ran the TCU diagnostics, nothing. Precise, I appreciate the offer but I believe a friend of mine has the same book. After looking over it a bit, I think I would rather leave this task to a pro. It did get me to work and back today, and I even found 3rd gear. There is some stall between 2nd and 3rd and any less than 40mph forget it. For now I am gonna drive it like a manual, let off the gas and shift. Hopefully, I can find me some cheap POS to drive for awhile so I can get it into a shop and see what's what.
  6. Another update, I still have overdrive. Also when I put the truck in drive I have a tranny fluid leak. When in 1st or 2nd, it doesn't leak. When in OD I can smell tranny fluid burning on the exhaust. I think tomorrow I will tear into it to find the leak. I am gonna have to anyway to replace or rebuild. If this gives anybody an idea, I am all ears (well, technically eyes). Thanks.
  7. Well, I do have reverse, the fluid is a beautiful transparent pink, like it is fresh from the bottle, and i have a aftermarket cooler. Also as an update, I reset the comp, didn't help at all. I ran the self diagnostic check and everything checked out ok. Guess it is time to check around for someone to rebuild it for me. I would much rather do that than take my chances at the jy. Hell, I have the FSM I may check into just doing it myself, I have done a few old th350s and 400s. Might actually save some dough that way. Any DIYers out there who have done this with any success? Oh yeah, it has 163k on it and fluid was changed approx. 15k ago.
  8. I have a tranny problem. Everything has been working fine until just awhile ago. I pull up to a red light and stop, when the light turns green my truck sounds like it is in neutral. I doubt this has anything to do with it but I had just turned on the A/C for the first time this year. I pulled the shifter down into 2nd gear, and I felt it shift into gear. I went ahead and pulled all the way down to first and pulled away from the light. I shifted into 2nd and it shifted fine. When I put it into drive, I felt it shift out but there was no 3rd. I gave it a bit more gas and could feel it pull a bit but to prevent totally burning it up I let off and took it real easy the last mile to the house. I didn't get a CE light or anything else and I am not sure if maybe something screwed up when I turned on the A/C. It did happen within just a few minutes of turning it on. Any help is greatly appreciated, I am gonna go unhook my battery to reset the comp and see if it makes any difference. I have to have my truck for work in the morning and it is the only transportation I have. I burned through all my savings being laid off last fall, so I hope this is a cheap fix, lol, yeah not likely.
  9. Another member had a very similar problem not too long ago. I believe he found a bad rubber gasket behind the dash on a firewall seam. Try a search for passenger floorboard, it should help.
  10. Cold air is drier and more dense, this increases the friction of air moving around your vehicle. While driving or just with the wind blowing this creates static electricity. Your Pathy has rubber tires wich insulate the metal body from the ground. When you touch your vehicle you provide the ground needed to basically create a small lightning bolt. An old friend of mine has a pace maker, the static shock kinda makes him paranoid. Every fall, he ties a short length of bare copper wire to his hitch and lets it rub the ground. He swears he has never been shocked since doing this.
  11. Wow, 20 views and no answers. Well, I replaced my light switch, per a post on nissan4wheelers, and so far so good.
  12. My passenger side headlight will not go off. I have absolutely no idea when this started, but I noticed it when I got off work today. It is on when the truck is running, and when it is off with the key in my hand. I have never noticed it doing this before at anytime and am really stumped as to why it has started now. Is this a daytime running light, and if so, why has it waited this long to work, and why won't it stop? All help is appreciated, as I need to get this fixed asap. I don't want to have to disconnect and reconnect my headlight as the sun rises and sets. Thanks guys.
  13. Winter front you say? I live south of the mason dixon line so I doubt that was even an option in my area. Is there anywhere I can get one new? Do you have any pics?
  14. Well since i got my pathy back in the fall I have noticed my temp runs rather low, like just above the C. Now that winter is here and it is getting down in the 20's at night it rarely rises above the C. I don't worry so much about the engine itself but it would be nice for the heater to blow a little hotter than what it is. I don't really want to put a peice of cardboard behind my grill because during the daytime it gets back up in the 50's and I don't want it to run too hot. Would changing the thermostat help? Or is there some other trick that you guys up north use to help with this problem?
  15. Those oil lines are really close to the headers. Are you gonna wrap the headers?

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