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    92 XE, Manual tranny, NISMO#2 camshafts; 264 degree/.430 lift, NGK 8mm spark plug wires, NGK iridium spark plugs, K&N cone filter, Doug Thorley ceramic coated headers with 300ZX manifold studs, 2.5" pipe, Magnaflow muffler, Magnaflow high flow cat, ACT Heavy Duty Performance clutch, 3" Performance Accessories body lift, 3" suspension lift, Calmini UCA's, Upgraded center link and idler arm brace, Dana-Spicer manual hubs, 32" Kumho MT Soon to come: 110amp alty, e-fan, Herculiner, lower gears, skids/sliders, ?ECU upgrade?...
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    Weekend Warrior
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  1. 92Pathmaker

    Stranded, won't start

    http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=22081&st=0&p=389718entry389718 This worked for me when I changed mine.
  2. 92Pathmaker

    Stranded, won't start

    I forget exactly what it looks like, but where the wires go into the distributer there are a couple of screws you can take out then you can slide the pins from the meter under the rubber.
  3. 92Pathmaker

    Stranded, won't start

    That is it
  4. 92Pathmaker

    This Is Weird

    I run 91 because of the cams. I get 14mpg all city and usually 22-25mpg all highway
  5. 92Pathmaker

    Trouble Shifting Manual At Lower Altitude

    I just put 5 liters of redline mt90 in this past summer. The tranny was just rebuilt about 30,000mi ago. I will go over the hydraulic lines and bleed it when I get a chance.
  6. I live at 9000' and when I go down to Denver I have trouble getting into 1st from a stop. If I am still rolling some it will usually slide right in. From a stop I will have to put it in 2nd or 3rd then go to 1st from there. The clutch reservoir is full. Could it be air in the lines? If so how many and where are the bleeders? It looks like there is one on the passenger side of the firewall. Are there more? It is just weird how it works just fine in the mountains, but not down in the city
  7. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    keep it simple, right
  8. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    I took it off today, and no more whine. It looks like the bearing is just held in with a snap ring. I'm just going to change it out when ever I get a chance. I didn't see many wires going to the compressor. one looked like a sensor and there was one black wire that could be disconnected easily. I want to cut the power to it so that it won't turn on to lube and seize up.
  9. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    Once it is above freezing on my day off I'll try greasing it, but I think that the bearing is shot because it just started all of a sudden. What is OSH?
  10. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    There is a leak in my ac system so it wouldn't affect the defrost. I sprayed some wd40 on it two days ago and now it isn't making as much noise. I haven't had a chance to work on it yet, I've been too busy, maybe in the morning. What if I remove the pulley and belt, then disconnect the wiring harness so it doesn't kick on to lube up?
  11. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    I'll just take it off, I won't be needing AC until July anyway Kingman, How much would you want for a pulley unit?
  12. 92Pathmaker

    Pulley Whine

    A couple weeks ago driving down the pass I heard a whine that sounded like like bad gears or tranny. It was coming from the front and I was in 4wd, so thinking that it was the front diff I put it in 2wd and nothing changed. When I looked under the hood it sounds like it is coming from the pulley above the cooling fan or behind there in the timing area. The whine gets louder depending on RPMs. It doesn't matter if it is under load or not. I don't know what this pulley is for or if this is a typical symptom of something about to break. Thanks for any help upfront.
  13. 92Pathmaker

    Computer Upgrade

    I'll have to call and ask them. That would be sweet to get JWT comp for 300
  14. 92Pathmaker

    Computer Upgrade

    Anyone know how this one would compare to the JWT upgrade? It is half the price and they say that they customize it to your mods too.
  15. 92Pathmaker

    Brakes Question

    Check out this link. This is the old school way, but the cheapest. You can get a one man bleeder kit and do it by yourself. http://www.zeckhausen.com/bleeding_brakes.htm

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