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    95 Pathfinder XE V-6 4x4. Handbuilt Brushguard(destroyed by a sideswipe :( ). Pioneer deck Kole audio 5x7" and digital audio amp and 2, 10" digital audio subs in a bandpass box. lifted 3" with 31" bfg AT KOs Incubus Offroad Wheels and matching spare. Surco roof rack with 4 6" spot lights.
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  1. I have a DROID X and i love it. 8 mp camera hd output for looking at pictures or streaming videos to a tv. huge screen for videos or games but the battery does die if used heavily with the screen on. But i can stream pandora radio all day at work and still have a little battery left.
  2. MIne just stays all the way down then every once in a while it will jump up a bit like theres a loose wire. im almost certain the gauge is good as it will work every once in a great while so i might just check the connector on the sensor.
  3. My temp gauge on my 95 hasnt worked for a whlie anyone got any ideas where to start in troubleshooting this. every once in a while it bumps and will jump up otherwise it just stays at the bottom.
  4. K I just need the mirror glass as long as it's heated
  5. hey bag does your parts pathy have heated mirrors i need the driverside glass
  6. does anyone have some factory fender flares they are willing to part with for cheap? Since moving back to nebraska i found they would be nice to have since my tires are wider than my body and im not in the desert anymore. Also if anyone is interested in a great quad i am selling my 2008 polaris outlaw 525s because i dont have anywhere to ride it anymore I want to sell it to get a bike. 6k with a black powder-coated 6x8 tilt trailer included or 5k without. the quad has 25 hours on it like new. its fast and fun if you have room to ride it.
  7. Let me know when u get it finished and we can go wheelin. I live in oneill NE. Need to get out wheeling. And by the way, that rust is rediculous mine only has surface rust on the frame and a couple spots on the body where you can see it rusting under the paint but those are only the size of my pinky nail. I have 150k on mine.
  8. i towed a 6x12 enclosed uhaul from nebraska to vegas through the mountains, the sticker on the trailer said it was 2100lbs empty and i had it packed. the worst mileage i got was 12mpg i was very surprised at how well the pathy did. the rear end squat really does leave something to be desired.
  9. these are what i got http://www.wheeltech.com/wheels/incubus/ia511_bl_l.jpg
  10. Schmitz Electric Electrician Apprentice Got laid off in vegas was unemployed for 11 months so i moved back when i got a job offer.
  11. definitely could. that switch adjusts the shift points on the tranny and the ecu
  12. 1. I said use masking tape, duct tape will leave adhesive all over everything. 2. It shouldnt take more than an hour, you just need to get the old one out. I suggest unbolting the glass and rolling the window regulator all the way down that should get it as compact as possible. then just fiddle with it you might have to roll it up or down with the switch to get it to the right angle to get it out.
  13. Airrun2002

    temp sensor

    Try replacing the pcv valve? And runnig some fuel system cleaner through it? Also Try disconnecting the battery for 10 min to reset the computer after you replace the maf. could also be clogged fuel filter. simple cheap fixes hope it helps.

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