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  1. I just have a very simple question. Are the bolt patterns on the bellhousings of a vg30e and de the same just the de has a mount on the side for a starter?
  2. Yeah I know I posted this two years ago but I am actually just now putting one in my R50. I had to grind down on some of the carrier to get the last cam in. But not a big deal. Also they didn't send a replacement pin with it so now I am waiting on that to get to my house by tomorrow I hope.
  3. Actually I have been running 35s for the last two seasons. Never had any issues. Only real reason I am gearing is because I tow a boat in the summer with 33s and I am planning on running 37s this year.
  4. Actually 5.14 gears are made for front and back. I just ordered them.
  5. I have the jdm projectors on mine and they are for sure glass
  6. The 1996 to 1999 pathfinder have glass. All qx4 have plastic because it's a different style of light. Why yours is different is strange. Can you post a picture of your truck?
  7. I'm going to have a front and back set of 4.636 soon. If your interested.
  8. So I run 35s with manual hubs. Also locked up front. Something I noticed recently is that the studs you bolt the hub to have broke. Looking for the part number or thread sizing to replace them with.
  9. I've got the vg33 on 35s. Does just fine. Not a speed demon but still
  10. Take me twenty minutes to swap one out. Ran all this last season on 35s and locked in the front. No slop in it still. If I replaced them once a year it's worth it.
  11. Get them from autozone. 60 a piece and lifetime warranty.
  12. I am trying to fix some cosmetics on my truck and my front bumper is kinda messed up. If anyone has one for a 1998 that would like to sell or something let me know please.

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