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  1. MY1PATH

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    Good price for made to order!
  2. Unless you want to go to the dealer (who will most likely sell you and auto radiator if the manuals are out of stock or NLA) I would just get the one with the auto cooler lines and ignore them. Notice parts sore listings will not say "auto transmission only" It works fine with both.
  3. Spectra Premium. Bought this brand for several makes. Every time, Top quality OE FIT and excellent protective packaging. I have spent over 2x on aftermarket performance radiators that got damaged in shipping or plain didn't fit right. Run a bottle of Thermocure through your system after the swap and then flush with distilled water before filling with coolant.
  4. MY1PATH

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    Yes, a 3.0 crank will work in a 3.3. Just use all your 3.0 stuff it's been done many times before. I prefer the 3.3 pump because it flows more and I prefer the front mount filter because you don't spill on the starter or risk burning yourself on the header... BUT my 1993 has 290k on a stock 3.0 pump with 3.0 filter location and the engine has been been just fine over the last 25 years so I think you'll be just fine.
  5. MY1PATH

    95 Pathy idle problem

    Replacing one side of the rail can unseat the other side. Even If you left it bolted the old seals will leak once disturbed even from wiggling the other side loose or twisting the hose off. Best to replace all 6 lower seals whenever you do any rail maintenance. Also, I prefer to use the vg33 one-piece rails, its solid tube across the front and no hose clamps to bother you when you navigate a coolant bypass hose into place. Also there are many hoses that can cause trouble under the manifold and if they've never been changed they are very prone to cracking when being handled. also moving the manifold around can dislodge some carbon/PVC residue that gums up the IACV, You can removed it and clean it, carefully take the Solenoid off the back and degrease the little plunger and spring, clean the casting it bolts to...
  6. MY1PATH


    LOL I was pissed that all the rods were torqued down when I found it. I worked a little magic cleaning up excess oil around the screw with a rag taped to an extension and then a long wobble extension, a magnet and a scribe to get the two offending screws out and back in (inboard screw on front plate and rear plate)
  7. MY1PATH

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    The 3.3 pump is superior to the 3.0 pump. (That said the 3.0 pump has kept my family 93 going for 290k on good oil so it is 'good enough' for normal use) The 3.0 balancer will crack out if you machine it to fit a 3.3 crank. The producer of the crank pulleys has been under poor health for some time but has every intention of having another production run made when he gets well. I would have a shop make you a larger aluminum hub that bolts up to the existing pulleys, It does not need to be balanced but the bolts can be upgraded one size for better holding in the softer metal. Alternatively if someone buys me a lathe and a keyway broach I can make them
  8. MY1PATH


    Yeah so that bolt on the oil baffle was sticking up too much for the beefy Twin Turbo Rods to clear so I had to make some more room... Removing the lock washer was probably enough but I also shaved down the ridge on the head for a little extra clearance.
  9. MY1PATH


    Pistons are in! That strange color is a Thermal Barrier Coating to reduce dome temperatures under boost, the pistons also have anti friction coated skirts.
  10. MY1PATH


    Oil baffles clearanced to fit bigger pistons.
  11. MY1PATH


    Oh yes, it's resemblant of the original L Series Datsun engines! Actually I picked this color on a build long before I even knew that about the Datsun L Series colors and all my builds have been this color since. But sadly it has been discontinued and I own the last 6 cans.
  12. MY1PATH


    Paint showed up, hope to spray the whole block this weekend and install shiny brass freeze plugs...
  13. MY1PATH


    Ever since photobucket decided to poop on thousands of forums worldwide I've not settled on a good image hosting. Looks like it failed above. Anway, waiting on paint... Primer was a week wait and then Friday I got a notice that shipping itself is delayed another week.
  14. MY1PATH


    Today I broke all the casting flash out of the coolant passage in the valley. There were some large pieces obstructing the flow directly from the water pump. I also smoothed and blended out the water pump outlet. Getting rid of all casting seams and texture 2" deep to improve flow directly out of the water pump. Aside from removing casting flash, the rest stays untouched because the rough texture improves thermal efficiency.
  15. MY1PATH


    Last time was 5 years ago...

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