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  1. MY1PATH


    I found a workaround, we'll see how long it lasts... ... err this just popped up 1105 of those images have been on there for 10+ years
  2. MY1PATH


    More detail on what was done to the heads before coating. All the casting seams were removed, intake was left with a rough finish but exhaust had a minor polish done. There was a ridge around the valve seats that was carved away with a very sharp chisel (by hand, no hammer) The chamber wall near the intake valve was carved back a little with an 80-grit flap wheel for better chamber filling and then the whole chamber was lightly polished. The valves had their faces sanded smooth. before/after
  3. MY1PATH


    I know, I know this engine is taking me a decade. I have built and swapped a few other engines and still haven't finished this one. I just keeps getting pushed aside
  4. MY1PATH


    The stock vg33er runs the water pump on the same belt as the steering pump. If you belt fails on the highway you will not notice a change in steering effort and if you are distracted you may not notice the temp needle rapidly climbing... This setup puts the water pump on the same belt as the alty instead of sharing it with the steering pump. The benefit is that if your water pump belt breaks your whole dash lights up because your alty stops too. I cut up a pulley from a 97 q45 to press and weld into the vg33er pulley to get the correct offset I needed.
  5. MY1PATH


    TBC Heads, Valves and Exhaust ports
  6. Update: It appears the company Iciba, who makes the 122555S 55mm stud does not include the knurl in their measurement. These ended up being 5mm too long and would bottom out on the lug nut. I am working with SNC on the matter right now to get the correct fitment.
  7. For your MPG interest, More details on my 1993 top to bottom: 3/8 intake manifold insulator Jim Wolf Tech stage 1 camshafts Stock block 308,000 miles Gibson 2.5" cat back Chevy 16" (19lb alloy) with P225/75r15 tires (nearly 100 lbs less rotating mass than most sets of 31's) Depending on driving conditions we've seen 20+ MPG but 17-19 is more common for our mixed driving which is 75% highway. I hope to keep or improve this when she goes 3.3. ON the flip side my (MPFI) 89 does worse on MPG. But its lifted, extra wide wheels, typical D/E-rated 31x10.5" tires, heavy bumpers, fender liners are missing (air pockets). It also mostly does short trips with very little highway time and I think the Euro cam with its really long duration is an efficiency hindrance for the lower engine speeds.
  8. Donno how I wound up back here but while I am, I gotta correct myself... I have a set of JWT s1 in my 3.0 1993 PF and the torque comes in really early. I just bought a second set as my cam of choice for my next build.
  9. With the exception converting to manual hubs, Snap ring thickness has more to do with deviation in parts than it does year/vin. If the snap ring groove location on your new shaft is within 0.005" of your old shaft you will use the same snap ring inside your hub. Also the hydraulic action of grease and trapped air may mislead you to thinking your snap ring is too thick when your axle isn't fully seated.
  10. The splines are usually a pretty snug fit to that inner spider(the part it came out of) you may have to take the whole CV out to seat it. Popping the inner CV cover out gives you access to strike vertically on the center shaft to drive it back into the outer CV. If you get a new snap ring your first strike has to be solid with the joint straight or the snap ring will not compress enough to get inside the splines.
  11. Some do, some don't depends on the brand you buy. BUT that would be the outer snap ring for the hub. In the case of the inner snap ring for the middle shaft into the CV it should always be there, they are assembled that way and it keeps the center shaft from popping out of the cage(and boot.) I've re-booted and re-caged a number of CV's Sure buying is easier but in some cases the factory part on hand is stronger than what you find at autozone and the cost of a factory strength one might just justify the extra effort of rebuilding.
  12. I'm gonna resurrect this thread to keep all the numbers in one place. I went searching and I found that Ichiba makes Some extended wheel studs that should FIT our vehicles. P/N: NS-122555S, 12.8 Knurl, 12x1.25, 55mm long P/N: NS-122550S, 12.8 Knurl, 12x1.25, 50mm long P/N: NS-122545S, 12.8 Knurl, 12x1.25, 45mm long The best price I have found on these is http://SNCtuning.com, presently $2.69ea and also the most reasonable shipping for my location. I plan on using the 55mm on both my trucks to give me 13mm more rear stud than I had before. I'm going to order up a set and do studs when I do my brakes.

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