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    88 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 V6 w/ Manual Transmission. Black. Thorley Headers, Magna flow exhaust, Called Pepe (my little mule) as a reference the the movie Romancing the Stone. My wife drives our 2001 Pathfinder SE 4x4.
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    Sports, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, playing soccer, golf, watching football, spearfishing, skiing, videogames, mountain biking, boating, exploring, off roading, sports cars, motorcycles, emergency room visits, and Pathfinders. And oh yeah, my wife and kids.
  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep my eyes out for the Zombies. My wife takes it to her parents house a lot, and I think they have some cats that could be zombies. They might be drooling on the car. I cleaned the battery cables on the Z. Seems to be working. Thanks.
  2. It runs like a gem. It only has 95k miles though. I keep wondering when the major repair is coming. Only issue I've had recently is that when the key, sometimes it doesn't start. Almost like if you don't have the clutch pushed in, even though I do. I turn the key back once or twice, and then it does start. Not sure what that is all about.
  3. Sorry, the picture should be attached now, if it works. edicer2, I still have the 88 too. The 88 is more my camping offroad vehicle, the 01 is my wife's family truckster. I like you 300zx. I have a 91 300zx tt. It's about the same color red too. jpawela, thanks. That's what I was worried about. But figure I'd throw up a hail mary to other pathy owners and see what they say.
  4. This picture is from my 01 pathy. It gets a lot of AZ sun exposure, but very little snow/salt exposure. I don't think it is from the elements, since it is isolated to this area on the hood. The clear coat seems to be flaking away in some spots. I'm wondering if something splashed on it to cause it, but I don't know for sure. How do I prevent it from getting worse? My thought is to remove the little flaky clear coat around the spots, then try to wax the crap out of it. Any one else have a better idea or suggestion for a good product that might help? Thanks.
  5. For anyone who might have the same issue in the future, I THINK it must be my blower motor slowly dying. Tonight, I took the center console apart and checked the switch and its connections. It looked great. See pic. I dusted all connectios off with a little blast of air. I wanted to use my electric multitester to check everything, but it was at this moment that I found out the fuse in my multitester was blown, and I didn't have a spare. It just turned 9pm, so the autoparts store just closed. Then I took the glove box off, etc, and took the blower motor resistor out. Looked pristine. See pics. Blasted connections with air. Then took blower motor out again. Housing only has a little dust. No leaves to deal with. The connections on the motor looked pristine. See pics. I plugged the harness back in, while carefully holding the back of the motor, and turned the fan on. It didn't come on. I have it a little shake just so see if I could hear any possible loose part rattle, and it suddenly started spinning. Turned the fan switch off. Turned it back on and the fan came right on again. Played with the connection, wiggled it, etc to see if it had any effect on the fan, and it didn't. Turned the switch off and on again a few more times, and the fan responded as it should. So I reassembled everything. I had everthing put back together. Turned the ignition on and the turned the fan switch....nothing. It didn't come on. I reach under the dash, give the blower motor a little love tap, and instantly it comes on. I've found a pattern. If I leave the fan off for a few minutes, it won't come back on without some sort of little bump. So it has to be the motor, right?
  6. Thanks for you help on this Rob, I checked your profile. So I assume this is a dealer only part, and I see you are in charge of a dealer parts department. How much does this part cost? Does it benefit you if I order it from your company instead of locally here? That could be a small way to repay you for your help. -Dean
  7. As I look at the diagram, this control amplifier isn't just in the digital air controls, is it? I have the manual dials to adjust fan, temp, and location of air flow.
  8. I assume that is the red hi-lighted part in the pic? If you hadn't included the picture, I would have thought you were making up parts and was pulling my leg. Got directions on how to get to it?
  9. My 01 Path is having blower motor issues, which in no good in metro Phoenix in the summer. I did a search and read about typical blower motor and resistor issues. My issue seems to be a little different. We turn the fan on, and sometimes it come on, and sometimes it doesn't. First, I took the blower motor out. Spins freely, no debris or leaves or junk stuck in it. I was actually surprised how pristine it looked in there. It was barely even dusty. Second, I've read about other's people's resistor issues. But it doesn't matter what speed I set the fan, (1,2,3, or 4), it won't come on. I'll try it again a minute later, and it does. I'll try it again a minute later, and it won't again. When it does run, it will run on any speed. It doesn't seem to be the dial switch either, as far as I can tell. I'll flip it back and forth, and it doesn't change anything. Fuse is unbroken (obviously, or it would never come on.) All the connections seem solid. No rust or corrosion issues. I think I'll try to just replace the resistor first since it is a cheaper part than the motor and see what happens, especially since I see that the motor works at times. But I'd thought I ask to see if anyone else has any ideas what might be going on. Thanks.
  10. They take multiple picture here, including your face. My pic was right on the ticket driving. I found out I need to smile more while driving.
  11. That works on my 88 Pathy, but not on my 91 300ZX.
  12. It was on the 101, and I even knew it was there. I've past it about 100 times in the past. They don't take the photo unless you are 11+mph over the speed limit. So I usually only go 5 over the speed limit. However, this particular time I was distracted by my dog, and must have been going a little faster. On the 101 there in Scottsdale, if you are only going 5 miles over the limit, you better be in the right lane. You'll get run off the road. It is pretty common to see people going 80+ mph. They just slow down for the cameras. Now there are cameras everywhere, including vans parked on the side of the road that they move to different locations. Not to mention a ton of intersections have them now. I'm pretty good about stopping on yellow lights. But who doesn't have that rare occasion when the light turns yellow and you have a brief moment of indecision, and then go through the light realizing afterward you probably should have stopped. Well, if you only do that once per year, you could now easily get a ticket since a camera is there to catch every mistake. I'm a more careful driver these days than I was in the past because I'm older, and I have kids I care for. I haven't had a ticket in years till now (got them often from age 16-25). I just took the online defensive driving course and went in and passed the test to get the ticket removed with no points on my license. But apparently I can't do that again for 2 years. With the cameras everywhere catching any possible mistake, I want to do what I can be prevent it from happening again.
  13. Hey all, I recently got caught doing 76 in a 65 zone by photo radar. I don't know about where everyone else lives, but here in the Phoenix area, cameras are popping up everywhere. I saw today in Arizona's fiscal budget for next year, the Governor is expecting $90 million from camera citations. Yes, it can help promote safe driving some, but to me their motivation is another way to tax us. So my question is about these license plate covers and/or photo blocking spray designed to prevent the camera from getting a picture of your plate. Has anyone used them and swear by them? Has anyone used them and not had them work? Is one better than the other? Let me know your experience. Thanks
  14. That worked pretty good. Window works 90% better. Motor still sounds like it strains a little. Funny how it timed with the coldest weather that we've had around here in Phoenix in about 20 years. I won't complain because a lot of you live up north, but it has gotten down in the 20's F a few times last week and killed the leaves on a bunch of my trees. Brrrr. Turn up the heat! PS: this website rocks!

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