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  1. We have limited most of our tows to below 4500 lbs, the majority being either my son Nick's '68 CJ5 or my '66 CJ5. To improve the suspension and braking, we have Brenbo slotted and drilled rotors with upgraded brake pads that we ordered from Stillen, and Rancho 9000 air adjustable shocks. I just replaced the torque converter last year, but otherwise it has done a decent job..... Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  2. PS - Excuse the typo, I meant heat not hear, and if I didn't mention it, for towing I think auto is the way to go!!! Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi!! I drive a '93 Pathfinder that has been modified for towing, but your 2008 should be setup better right out of the gate. Since you have the SE, you probably have the 266hp V6 unless you opted for the V8. As the SE is rated for 7000 lbs, you should have no problem. Since the WD21's like mine have a more delicate transmission, I always make sure that it has had a trans fluid change yearly at a minimum. Looking at your shift selector, it appears on the left side just below the release there is a button. On my WD21, this is red and keeps it from popping in and out of overdrive when you are towing. I would check this out, and use it when you are towing if I am right. Since I have toasted 2 transmissions on different cars over the year, I would make sure that you have a trans cooler installed, the larger the better. Nothing kills your transmission like hear. In line with that, if you notice your transmission is shifting frequently, try adjusting your driving habits and speeds to minimize that. If it continues to shift often, I would consider one or two rest stops along the way to allow the trans to cool. Make sure you install a quality electronic brake controller, and try not to "ride the brakes" whenever possible. Hope your Dad enjoys his trip!! Take care - Boothill2008 Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm having issues with my power windows and door locks. They will work fine for a few days, and then without warning, stop working which can be a problem when the windows get stuck down. I tried replacing the master switch on the driver's side with no effect. When I use the alarm fob, I can hear a low volume noise like a connection is being made, but the door locks will not work....the alarm will operate though. I heard through the rumor mill that it is typically a ground problem on the WD21, but I'm not sure where to check? Any thoughts?
  5. Finally! Legos on the Pathy with BFG All Terrains, love them!! Just did the Mohave Road!!! :)
  6. Love my SE's, I'm on my 3rd! Just put legos and BFG All Terrains back on my SE (Sorry MotoIQ, but the Volks racing wheels are still in the garage!). ;-)
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