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  1. Hello Figgyboy, i am from Spain, i swaped manual to automatic transmission, into td27t, and work fine the overdrive. The ecu from td27t only work to egr system, this is not your problem. If your td27t is from manual car,the potentiometer of this model, in the head of the pump injection, only have 3 wire, but the automatic have 6 wire, this part send the position of the gas to gearbox ecu to change the speed, if you have not connected not change fine.
  2. Sorry but i have a mistake, the word doesn't drive shaft,yes 1994sev6 this part have 4 bolts too in the mine, i want tell cv axle. Excuse me again, i need more practice in automotive words.
  3. my car http://www.hiboox.es/go/imagenes/auto-moto/dsci0018,38680054310669ba66140ddf447d8434.jpg.html http://www.hiboox.es/go/imagenes/auto-moto/dsci0019,c1bb536998b74edfbb7900d0c5c75684.jpg.html my swap http://www.hiboox.es/go/imagenes/auto-moto/imagen000,05d0f93a190af96c7abe86ee15f18d84.jpg.html
  4. Hello Dieselboy, i have a terrano td2t too, and i swap the r180 to r200, and i replace the original 4.625, to 5,14 gears, i run with 285/75r16 perfectly. The swap is very easy, but you need change the all the drive shaft, and the hub, because, your original drive have 6 bolts, and the r200 5 bolts, and the axle of the r180 carry 27 splines, to 28 for the r200 axle, the knuckle spindle is not the same too .The crossmember to the r180 is good for the r200. Just one more thing, you need, raise a little the engine, because the oil pan is touch with the differential. Ah!, i have a front lsd and lockright locker in the rear.Excuse me for my english, but the translator isn't very good.
  5. OK, thak you i will search this reference. Do you know what is the original reference of the kit?
  6. Thank you very much for your answers, i have sent two emails to Rancho, but they don't answer me. I'm searching and searching but i only find some photos, there isn't information about this Uca's. But i continue the search.If somebody know some information please send me a PM. Thank you again.
  7. Hello, i just buy an used rancho upper control arms for my pathy, but i need replace the bushings and some washers. I'm searching information about this parts but i have not find anything .Anybody can tell me the rancho reference of this uca's?,i'm searching the installation instruccions too. Thank you very much.
  8. Well, thank you for your help, finally i will make the coil spacers. I kown some people that take in the cars and they haven't problem.
  9. I send 3 e-mails for jcwhitney for a buy the coil spacers, but they don't reply me. Someone kown if have other mark the coil spacers for pathy?. Thank you
  10. Hi again, i can't see all photos, this system is the same that i'm thinking, but this coilovers are more expensive for me. I think that will use the bilstein lift suspension for Tacoma, the price for this shocks ara more cheap, and are adjustable too. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Unccpathfinder, yes i kown 4x4parts, all my suspension is buy to them. and i kown the forum, but i don't kown that int topic SAS, have talked about this idea, i will see, i need more information. Thank you for your help.
  12. I think that isn't very dificult, the idea is simply, the shocks can be for toyota, any problem with this, because more or less the weight are the same, the problem ca be a find it the coil spring that will be good, because i have find the lenght good, for this, the bilstein adjustable that i see in ebay for toyota i like, because it have 3 positions for choose. Now only is one idea in my head, but if i can do it, i will put photos of the mod. i hope. Regards
  13. Thank you very much, Ultrafinder. I was thinking that haven't any spacers for pathfinders.
  14. Hi, i have a 3" coil springs for my pathy, but i want 1" more, exist a coil spacers for the pathys?. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm thinking in change the suspension system of my pathy. My idea is based on the trailmaster lif kit of 4", but i don't like down 4" the front differential, i prefer that front differential, is more high, and substitute the torsions bars for a sistem coilover+ shock, like a new pathfinder. My intention is down only the differntial about 2"or2.5", no more, and the other inch up to 4", with the same system of trailmaster. I'm seeing in ebay the front shocks, and i like the bilstein adjustable for toyota tacuma/tundra, but, my question isthat i don't kown how tall are these coil springs for this cars?. Thank you.
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