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  1. Hello, My rear main seal is leaking, nothing serious at the moment, just seepage on a drain pan, no drops. I've seen several videos on youtube to pour some liquid with the oil and it would stop the leak. What's your experience with it and would you recommend any specific brand?
  2. Hello, I need to change transmission fluid and can't find Matic D in my country. Can I use https://www.amsoil.com/p/oe-multi-vehicle-synthetic-automatic-transmission-fluid-otf/ instead?
  3. Hello, I've got 2003 SE 4wd. I've been using Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5w-30 with M1-108 synthetic oil filter. M1-108 was recommended by Mobil 1. Recently I checked and their recommendation now is M1-110 or M1-110A. I don't know if it's just a typo from their side or they have specific reason to recommend M1-110 instead of M1-108. M1-110 is a longer filter but has the same thread. Do you have any experience with it? Should I switch to it?
  4. I bought her in 2008 with 44k miles on it, now it has 98k miles. I use only synthetic oil and change it usually every 4-5k miles. Is it a bad design or bad maintenance from previous owner?
  5. My 2003 also burns oil, about 1 quart every 1500 miles. I've read a lot and in my case there are 3 possibilities: 1. Power valve screw(s) fell off and scratched the cylinder walls 2. PCV valve is bad 3. Driver side valve cover oil passage is clogged. If I had time and did not use this car as a main vehicle in my family I would definitely tear down the engine and look at power valve screws and replaced the right valve cover while I'm at it. I'm sure it would decrease the consumption. But I have another question, probably silly one: I'm using Mobil 1 Extended Performance with M1-108 filter and usually change my oil at 4000 miles and 6 months. I know EP oil is overkill but it's only 25$ at Walmart. Because I'm using such a quality oil with good filter and change it very early, is there a chance that it will clean up the clogged passage in the valve cover? (If this is the cause of oil consumption)
  6. My 2003 also had this clunk. Mechanic replaced ball joints and most of it was gone, but still had some in cold weather. Ended up replacing sway bar bushings. One of them was a little bit cracked. Both of them were widened. I did this when truck was at 95,000 miles and used OEM parts. Should last for another 12 years
  7. Yes it seems so. When it's on a high setting I don't hear that sound. I've already found some videos on youtube how to get to the motor. I'm going to replace my cabin air filter soon and I will unscrew the motor (just 3 bolts I guess) and try to clean it as much as possible. Is it possible to replace just the fan in case I need to? The whole assembly costs 170$ OEM.
  8. Hello, I've got 2003 SE 4x4 recently fan started making constant noise. Is it hard replace it?
  9. Hello, I've got 2003 SE 4x4. My stop light has gone parts.nissanusa.com shows the following diagram http://parts.nissanusa.com/nissanImages/R50/265_%2001.jpg The middle bulb has the following label 26550CB[1298 - ] 26550C[1095-1298] Just wanted to double check: 1298 - means from December 1998 and this is what I want?
  10. Thanks for the nice hint. Today I was thinking to disassemble the dash, but just knocked on the A/C unit and lights came on. I had the same experience with the rear license plate bulbs, one of them was out. I've ordered the new one and before changing, a friend of mine just knocked on the plastic and it lighted up.
  11. From the Factory Service Manual it's unclear what is the sequence for removing AC Unit. Can anyone help?
  12. I looked at the factory manual and a bit scared doing this job myself. I don't want to break something
  13. I just wanted to clarify that only Auto, Econ and Off buttons are not illuminated. Other buttons like front defroster, recycle are.
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