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  1. I couldnt sell it for that cheap I imagine shipping to Arizona is not cheap from Indiana for something that weight 25ish pounds and it oversize.
  2. When i had my 31" spare on the roof, i noticed only a slight decrease in mpgs. What bothered me the most was wind noise and whenever i went over a decent bump it made noise. I'd check it every once in a while to make sure it was secure, and it was. Shook it back and forth, everything was tight. Maybe the weight of the tire flexed the rack a bit??? i still dont know. I took the rack off months ago and just have the spare in the cargo area now... Are you looking to buy a rack?
  3. That is one mighty sweet Ram! I have got away with not needing a truck for years. If you have a trailer i think you would be good to go. But depends on your purpose i guess...
  4. And I thought I was the only person who loved wagons
  5. If you have an automatic, Im not sure you can swap in a manual. Due to the fact that the auto pathfinders have some sort of power valves right below the upper intake plenum, i think, correct me if im wrong. Read up on this...http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/14826-power-valve-screws-falling-out-on-35s-01-04/ There should be a picture of an engine from a pathfinder with a manual trans that shows no power valves Manual pathfinders dont have the power valve in the intake plenum...maybe you could just take the power valve assembly out all together? Just thought Id let you know.
  6. i am interested to see 1/4 miles times if your dyno'ing 400hp
  7. Ive got an '01.5 LE and have everything except leather. Heated mirrors, sunroof, tow package etc. Maybe 96-99.5 and different package options compared to 01-04?
  8. I still cant get over the fact that rocky2 keeps mentioning top out, cv angles etc. We get it. Once the geometry is changed on something that wasnt meant to be changed, it will have a domino effect on other things. Everybodys pathfinder is different. I am sure everybody researched lift options before making the purchase that was right for them. I commend you once again for doing what you are doing to modify and fix the top out issue, etc. Why did you go with the AC lift if you knew it would have issues though? To try and fix it? Dont take what i just said in a rude way, im just looking to understand why you think we try to "cover up" problems. snow4me...the truck looks great lifted!!
  9. So i have been following all the threads concerning strut top out, and/or modifying them to correct it. I just want to say congrats to rocky2 as he has done a good job working on modifying struts to try and fix the top out issue. I also feel that not everybody has as severe of an issue as others. When i first installed my lift about 2 years ago, it did top out alot for the first couple weeks. Since then it might top out once every month or two. So personally i see no need in trying to modify the struts. And if you drive more carefully it shouldnt top out at all. When i measured my new AC springs compared to the factory ones, there was less then an inch difference. Pezzy has been running her lift for how long, 5 or 6 years with no issues? I see no way to extend the length of the strut to get rid of top out without it affecting the CV angle or balljoints or anything else in the front suspension that would lead to premature wear. Im sure this post will open a can of worms hahaha Debate on my friends!!!!
  10. Dont take this the wrong way but...have you used the search function at all??
  11. So every year i always get corrosion (i hope i spelled that right, ha) around the positive terminal. usually right before winter starts. I always use the felt pads under the terminals and spray terminal protector on neg. and positive posts. None of my parents cars have issues and neither does my wifes 328i. any ideas?
  12. If the interior and body is in good shape, and all other mechanical items are good except the motor i would keep it and install a new used motor. whats the milage?

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