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    White 1988 SE 2 door 5 speed. 4 wheel disc, 4.36 gears. 32"s on Outlaw I's 15X8(31" BF's on bedlined wagon wheel 15x10's winter), Pro Comps-f/Ranchos-r, Rancho steering stabalizer, IAB(thanks beastpath), Superlift UCA's, JGC coils, 3" BL, Dual factory recovery hooks in front, interior swap to grey w/factory clinometer, JGC center console, Cobra CB, Thrush muffler, side exit tailpipe(homemade 2-1/2")chrome 1 piece 93-95 style front bumper,chrome 93-95 rear bumper(still need good ends), sun visor,93 d-21 front end swap, Homemade 'SR5' hood, 35% tint on backs, targa bar with 4 round fogs, Hidden pair of round fogs behind grille, 3"BL w/butchered fact.bumper brackets, 93-95 rear bumper, Maxima Alt. swap, PINK PARTS!!!. Black 88 2 door auto. Sitting on 2 spares and 2 Tahoe wheels. currently a extra parts storage shed. (unknown fate as of yet, might break out the sawzall)
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    pgh pa
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    I Own A Shop Or Work As A Professional Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Pgh, PA
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    breaking things is always fun, as long as its not mine

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  1. nunya

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I used to get an occasional "Jeep Wave" from a couple random XJs (Jeep people are kinda dumb-the irony) but would only be verbally confused with other imports.
  2. nunya

    Ban the person above you...

    She's ginger, not sure if that's better or worse... Anyway, banned for not fact checking first!
  3. nunya

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for not being able to enjoy daylight
  4. nunya

    Another Forum Game

    ^ randomly clicks links hoping for inappropriate things < don't know what day it is to begin with v shoud REALLY get that lump checked...
  5. nunya

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for not making it 'fun' awkward
  6. nunya

    roof rack wd21

    I just used a factory one when i had mine, I had to shave like 2 inches off the overall length because of the sunroof.
  7. As stated by Red,wd21/d21 doors interchange, just have to change over the wiring harness for power options since they cosmetically changed the door panels and different switch layouts (not really an issue if your making 1/2 doors). As for the sunroof, 1st gen Frontiers and Xterras may be an option as I believe the shade for an Xterra fits a wd21 sunroof (not really a great way to judge) and I know I personally had the glass gasket and latch from a Frontier on mine. Not sure on the glass itself though
  8. nunya

    Dating when they're opposed to your Pathfinder

    A bored cop with a fresh new pen...
  9. nunya

    Hello from Lancaster pa

    Lancaster... Pathfinder is just the name of his amish buggys horse!
  10. nunya

    Pathy going up for sale

    Price seems good for my area, good luck with the sale. Don't be too harsh on the JK Unlimited, depending on the year. Hopefully you have the Pentastar and your not stuck with the 3.8. And watch leaving the top off parked in the rain, the clockspring dont like it too much
  11. nunya

    December 2017 TotM Winner

    I belive one Mr. Vincent Diesel once said "It doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning." The man is a poet
  12. nunya

    New guy from Eastern Pa

  13. nunya

    Mud runner/spintires

    Last time I payed enough atention to console online other people were complaining that you had to have Plus to play GTA online on the PS4. of course that was around the time of the last PS3 update for GTA as well.

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