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  1. Why not make your own? If you lived north of the border, I'd love you sell you mine that I made, as I no longer have a pathy as it's for sale. On the inside is a 1" nut and bolt acting as a hinge, and a bronze bushing. I've seen others use trailer axles as hinges. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1374043534
  2. If you can figure out how to mount, or possibly want to weld a little, I have a custom built rear bumper and tire carrier for a WD21. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1374043534&uuid=4fb0a327-436a-407e-93c8-01c3aa9a4f30 I'm also in Vancouver, so thought I'd check.
  3. The whole thing looks awesome. Can you tell me a little bit more about the hinge, maybe some more pictures? Looks like you designed the whole thing yourself, and I'm wondering if you had to do some milling on it, how hard that was, if the parts were easy to find... I used a bronze bushing & washers with a 1" bolt going through, with the nut welded inside the box tubing. Wondering if that was a good or bad idea, I'm still a rookie at fabing stuff. Hope the latch worked out well.
  4. I'm going to have to agree with the above comment. I'm currently welding up the entire outer wall on mine and getting some 1/8 steel plate was really easy. While this may be a great kit, I don't think that it can beat the $10 bucks that the local welding shop charged me. If you were to make a template out of some cardboard for the section that you need, a welding shop would be more than able to cut it for you at a very affordable price.
  5. Has anybody tried this out to get some better mileage in your Pathy? You can type in "HHO" on any search engine, or even in utube and you'll see tonnes of stuff come up, including sucess stories. Definately seems like an interesting concept. By no means is anybody going to completely replace their fuel source, but getting an increase of 10-20% does seem quite plausible.
  6. I've pretty much got the same problem, and absolutely horrible mileage right now. It's not that it gradually went down or anything like that, but just one day i started to lose about 80-100Km per tank. Note that couple of months before I also replaced the O2 sensor and full tune-up. Going about 110 on the highway (same as about 65 mph) feels absolutely horrible and takes a HUGE amount of power. Don't even want to mention if someone else is driving in the car with me, makes it even worse. I had tramission problems while the mileage went down too, but have since swapped out my faulty transmission with a rebuilt unit and it's working great. No change on the mileage after. I also took it to the mechanics, and they checked everything over - cleaned the MAS, checked plugs, timing, rotor, cap, timing, error codes, i got a K&N Filter. Nothing wrong. They did hook it up to check the exhaust and did tell me that i have a leak in my EGR valve - so of course I asked them to fix it. Still no better mileage. I also got the fuel injectors cleaned, and whatever other bs they charge you a huge amount of money for. Still no better mileage. One main question that I have is about the O2 Sensor. I wanted to see if there was a difference with it plugged out. I unplugged it, drove around for a tank, and completely no change. But how come the check engine light didn't come on? I'm gonna try to do the error code check on the computer and see if anything comes up.But the mechanics said they already did this, and no errors coming up. Could this also be the Cat? Hate wasting money on this, and don't want to ask/trust the mechanics again. (For the hell of it while i was in Vancouver over the weekend, I stopped off at the Nissan dealer to ask how much is a cat and muffler...they quoted me OVER $800!!! JUST FOR PARTS!! I started to laugh.)

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