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    '94 Nissan Terrano, 2.7TD She may be fat and slow, but will make it to the back of the paddock long before you make it over the curb. I am a Flying Cow... Worship me or DIE!!!
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  1. Hey all, Im on the Gold Coast, QLD. Just got back from landcruiser mountain park (boy was it muddy), done fraser and a few day trips around ormeau and coomera. I built my own rear storage and esky slide, which worked a treat. Doc. '94 terrano r3m
  2. I got a Boxer named 'Diesel', 7mnths old. He rides in the back, but sits up looking to the front. Only damage is from Drool
  3. I got it flushed, which helped for a day, now gone again. Guess I'm gonna have to fork out the dosh. Don't suppose the solenoid thing is something i can check out myself?
  4. After a bit of searching i couldn't seem to find similar symptoms. I have a 94 turbo diesel Auto. I am assuming i will need a rebuild, but it would be good to know what may be wrong first. I lost reverse. When i rev it up it starts to catch and slip a little. If i am on the flat with a light load i can reverse, but with a load it just revs out and doesn't move. The transmission place says, it will cost $1200 just to pull it out and have a look. Bugger. Doc.
  5. Sweet as, that will be come in handy for an airbag jack. Gonna get one of those soon cause we are going to Fraser Island in a couple of weeks. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi all, I just picked up my new car. A '94 Nissan Terrano 2.7TD. After driving a heap of different cars it was a nice compromise between 4wd and comfort. The first thing i did after i bought it was jump online where i found this wonderful site. There isn't a lot of aftermarket gear advertised over here (AUST) but after seeing all the things you guys have done to you pathy's i know there is hope yet. I do feel really stupid though cause as the title suggests i have this switch/button thing near the steering wheel and have no idea what it is for or what it does. Hopefully someone can shed some light. Cheers, Bayden.

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