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  1. its getting spark, its getting fuel, and it has compression but will not run. the way it dies its like someone just turns off the key. It isn't a slow die of power. it just goes from running fine to all the way dead.
  2. i did mine like a year ago because my clutch died. I think the best bet for you is just get the kit it comes with all of it. Its really not that hard just take your time.
  3. i was having the same problem it was driving me nuts. It was the hood i had to adjust the stops under the hood up. hope that helps
  4. Ive set the cruse control at 100 before. Now that I look back on it, it's not really a good idea. Chances are the f-150 will beat you getting to 100.
  5. I have Allstate nice people 24/7 help you get to talk to local people not someone that's from Iraq or something. I have heard bad things about AIG, That is just from what I have been told. It might no be a bad idea to check with the BBB
  6. i did all this i just cant get the brake lights to work
  7. thanks for the advice the best part of all this is my miles per gallon I went from 260 a tank to 333 miles to the tank
  8. Yeah, the cam angle sensor was bad plus the bearing in the distributor was going out so I got a new one. Happy days Happy days
  9. well got a new distributor installed and im good to go party on
  10. okay thanks Dag and I will try that tomrrow

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