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  1. Well my Pathfinder Party video made it to the finals in the ARB 4x4 Video contest If you vote for me, I might win a gopro camera which I will put to good use. You have to add this promotions app to vote on the vid but you can delete it after the contest is over if you want. I am in no way affiliated with the app, just a hoop I had to jump through to enter the contest. You can add me as a FB friend too if I don't already have you in my list. Here's a link to the voting page: https://apps.facebook.com/promotionshq/contests/251407/voteable_entries/54120128 THANKS!!
  2. Try the JY and find some factory manual hubs from a v6 hardbody. I hear they are very good build quality. Just make sure you have the matching # of splines and you should be good to go.
  3. close, they were making them in the 70's
  4. my "wallet" (a bunch of cards secured with a rubber band ) lighter swiss knife blackberry if I could, I would carry a firearm
  5. those are delicious. i've had them with worcestershire and bbq sauce too
  6. i used to carry a big jug of water with me and after each dirty water crossing, i would shut the truck off, douse the alty with clean water and then spray it with WD40 to force the last little drops out. nismojunky taught me another trick - rev the shiat out of the engine after going through the water hole and it clears a lot of the grime out. Best to carry a trail spare with you and keep an eye on your volt meter. Clear water doesn't hurt them very much, it's the chocolate milk and packing it with mud that ruins them. if you cant afford a skid plate, at least go to the JY and get a factory splash guard. Something is better than nothing.
  7. there were some xterras that had 4.9 R&P gears. You could use that in the back with a wagoneer 4.88 up front. they should work pretty good for 33's + 35's
  8. i've always wondered what the bacon/chocolate combo tastes like. I did try a PBBCB (peanut butter bacon cheeseburger) a little while ago and it was actually pretty good
  9. Trailchaser! broken mirror and all
  10. ahahahha I think spraying brake cleaner in your snorkel would give you more HP
  11. Almost.. they weren't allowed to bring that 4.2l 1HD-T engine with them. We got stuck with the gutless gasser.
  12. Y61 Patrol! Straight axles, diesel engine, factory lockers! what's not to love!?
  13. start with this: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=21
  14. sounds like you are getting too much fuel. There is a procedure to read the check engine code saved on the ECU. It's in the garage forum.
  15. definitely not black. It looks like that steely blue or dark grey color
  16. i don't know many cars that have a solid rear axle with a 5-link coil suspension lol IMO The rear suspension is what makes the pathfinder a decent wheeler. I doubt they will ever bring that back. They even pussyfied the patrol I hope they don't change the Xterra(ble) too much. I have always admired the wrangler because they never farked with the original design. It's now becoming the only choice for a good, out-of-the-box wheeler. The new "Pathfinder"/JX looks like a Vezna and probably wheels like one too. Someone mentioned safety-nuts and the EPA for the downfall of capable, durable SUV's. You can add suburban soccer moms, Consumer Reports, "progressive" auto designers, shareholders, accountants and far left-wing environmental activists to the list too. help us, dududuckling! you're our only hope!! lol
  17. As far as I'm concerned (from a north american perspective), the pathfinder died in 2004.
  18. You can buy the hose by the foot at most auto part stores.
  19. Here's a good deal on a console from the states: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1990-1992-1993-1994-1995-nissan-pathfinder-truck-center-console-armrest-gray-/390369876070?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5ae3db9866 and Dowser, you can use my console if you don't have one already, there is the replacement cupholders: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NISSAN-PATHFINDER-CONSOLE-LID-ARM-ARMREST-HINGE-CUP-HOLDER-CUPHOLDER-89-95-/290641122245?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43ab8f93c5
  20. does it get worse when you let off the gas OD? show me a picture of the truck, how high does the rear end sit?
  21. hi william, i had 33's with and auto trans and 4.625 gears around ontario a lot. As long as it isn't too windy, and you gas it down hills, you get decent mileage out of that setup. As soon as it gets windy, the truck might have to drop a gear to keep up with highway traffic. You don't want it buzzing away on the highway too much because it drinks fuel and heats everything up too much. It was fine on the trails, but if you get into the harder trails around here, you might want the 4.9's instead. Basically, go wheeling with what you have and figure out what would work better after.
  22. I had the factory super deep console with two flip down cup holders in my truck. They worked pretty good, but if anything dribbled, it went all over everything else in your console. They worked great up until my buddy's dog trampled them one adventure weekend. tungsten, you have obviously never commuted to work for any decent amount of time. It's the most annoying thing to be missing from a vehicle. I dunno, i guess the japanese never had to drive their vehicles very far. ask any canadian commuter (especially ones from southern ontario) they love their coffee with a drive to work. :coffee!:
  23. look here are a set that might be still for sale. I don't know if they will fit your truck so check that out first http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=31476
  24. If you have a junkyard around you, a lot of 80's + 90's nissan v6 pickups have factory manual hubs which are very nice as well. Count your spindle splines and make sure they match before you buy them though!
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