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  1. Adamzan, What kind of spring compressor did you use ?
  2. On my 95 Se I have 31x10.50r15 tires that needs replacing on lego rims. I would like to go to 32x10.50r15, with stock height or 2 inch lift would I need to trim the flares ? Jim
  3. fleurys , When installing your spacer do you leave the rubber spacer on the bottom and install your spacer on top of it? I have 31x10.50r15 tires that needs replacing and would like to go to 32x11.50r15 on the Lego rims. Do I need any lift for the 32's ?
  4. On my 95 Se were can I get a couple of 1 inch leveling spacers for the coil springs? Are the springs 5 inch OD and 4 inch ID ? Jim
  5. What are the part numbers on them ? Or do you have a link ? Jim
  6. What's the easiest way to drive the old pins out ?
  7. Safetcap has quit making these kits for the Pathfinder.
  8. My 95 has a rusty frame and I am looking for a 96 to 98. I spent 2200 on the auto and going to pull it before I have it crushed.
  9. I have a 95 Pathfinder SE with Auto Transmission, what other years Pathfinder will this transmission work in ? Jim
  10. My loss of power like yours and was the key on the crank timing belt pulley. I let it go on and adjusted the timing but then the key sheared into at a red light , I got lucky and no bent valves. Jim
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