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  1. Update, tire size 255/70/17, wheels spec, 17X9 ET -12. Found out the area where I'm rubbing on wasn't the rear of the front driver fender well. It was the front driver fender liner, the bottom portion of it. I trimmed a bit of the bumper in the bottom and about a 5" cut from the bottom of the fender liner, very slight rubbing during full lock to the right, especially in reverse.
  2. That MOMO steering wheel is so dope! There's a few for sale, some of them listed as GTR JDM wheels, I saw there's another post on NPORA with the JDM accessories catalog, and it had that option, one with wood grain, the other as shown above. My only questions are, is it plug and play? Does the harness plug right in? And how would you mount the cruise control unit on the right hand side? I have a 1999 SE Limited, doesn't have stereo control integration.
  3. Apologize for the low resolution pictures, limited file size.
  4. Just finished the lift AC springs in the front, 9447 springs in the rear, KYB Excel G struts all around. Running 31" tires; 255/70/17, 17X9 with -12 offset. I am getting massive rubbing during full turn forward or reverse, trying to figure out which part is rubbing on, but most likely behind the front wheel where the splash guard mounts to. I took two pictures, one is circled in red, the corner of the fender liner where is super close to the tire during full turn, the other with the red and blue is right behind the fender liner of corner circled in red, I'm trying to figure out where to trim. Could somebody with experience please point me to the direction where I should trim and how much? Thanks. @Dbot @R50JR
  5. I just got a set of AC springs for the front, tried to unbox it and see how it fits, also got the Excel G struts with the KYB mounting kit. The spring doesn't sit straight vertically when I did a quick test fit, anybody can shine some light for me? First time lifting a truck, usually lowering cars. But usually the spring sits pretty much centered when I sit the spring into the bottom perch.
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