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  1. Reducing tire pressure when off roading can improve traction and comfort. Sometimes tires can spin around the wheel and tire/wheel become out of balance. Sometimes the tire can break the tire to wheel bead and lose all pressure and deflate. I made a video on how to fix this problem. Use paint pen marker or nail polish to make balance alignment mark on wheel and tire before deflating tires. To fix Use ratcheting strap and car jack to break tire bead or drive another vehicle over tire to break tire bead if needed spin tires around wheel until balance alignment marks line up spray flammable brake cleaner or parts cleaner into tire/wheel cavity, spray a trail 1 foot from tire throw flame onto spray trail, after tire bead pops onto wheel ( may need to step on tire to introduce air into tire cavity) , inflate tire to desired tire pressure
  2. Here is how to remove a H233B R50 rear 3rd member differential.
  3. My rear differential breather was the type that did not have a breather hose. Here is how I replaced it with a hose type differential breather. https://youtu.be/O_wlN_WnSQQ
  4. I made a how to remove R200A R50 front 3rd member video
  5. Here is how to modify a Bilstein 5100 series shock absorber to fit onto R50 Pathfinder Qx4. Here are part numbers for bushing bushing sleeve. Energy Suspension 3/4" hourglass shock eye bushing part number 9.8108g Bilstein 5/8 metal bushing sleeve part number BSN-195448 Bilstein 33-185569 shock absorber
  6. Here is a video I made on how to extend bumpstop on R50 Pathfinder Qx4. This video also shows how to replace shock absorber, coil spring, panhardbar.
  7. Glad to discover this community of enthusiasts.
  8. I've owned a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder Since early 2021. It has 200000 miles, its a full time 4wd. I occasionally will drive off road for a few hours. Here is what I have done to the r50 myself. junkyard starter junkyard Hankook 31 tires , 50% tread left on stock 17" wheels junkyard tire carrier from 1997 r50 pathfinder junkyard kyb struts with unknown strut mount New Landrover nr9448 lift springs in the rear, 4 inches of lift New AC lift springs for the front, their website says 6 weeks to ship New Bilstein 33-185569 30" rear shock absorber junkyard 4.63 gear limited slip differential 2000 Nissan Xterra, Currently repacking with friction discs, friction plates, spring discs from 1995 Nissan Pathfinder LSD junkyard 4.63 gear front differential from forgotten Nissan Pathfinder, not installed yet spare parts junkyard steering rack, cv axles, alternator, power steering pump need replacement instrument gauge due to fault fuel gauge meter. fuel guage sending unit tested ok. My build plan - reinforced front and rear bumper, front lokka, manual locking hubs, larger tires 33" or 35" on 16" wheels, rear lokka when available, cheap rear locker if I can find one. Check out my Nissan pathfinder youtube videos.
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