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  1. Check your transfer gear box, aka intermediate gear box. its an angled gear box that the shaft from the steering wheel goes into before the secondary shafts that exits it goes to the rack n pinion itself. On my low mileage 03, its loose and has play, so even with new rotors etc. I'll get a shimmy and clunk noise, especially under hard brake or parking lot maneuvers.
  2. Hey Everyone, I noticed this today when looking at MSN news. You can see in the US envoy there is a post 01 R 50 pathfinder in the rear. Nice to see them in use, at least down here in S. Florida a lot of these pathy's end being exported to Haiti. proof of their durability. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-officials-arrive-in-haiti-to-investigate-president-moise-assassination/ar-AAM40FC?ocid=ientp
  3. I'm running 15w40 in my 3.5. Smooth as silk and quiet . Go for rotella or valvoline premium blue 15w40. If your in colder climates, you can opt for diesel engine oil in a 5w40 or 10w30 flavor.
  4. I would avoid all those snake oils, personally no disrespect. Dump the oil out and fill it with with Diesel engine oil, either Rotella 10w30 or 15w40 depending on ambient temps. Also, use a decent filter and go ahead and get some bloodwork done on the engine, (aka oil analysis). we do it yearly on our fleet of semis, its about 30bucks. I have a 98 R50 with the 3.3 and 240k, no blow-by at hot idle when you remove the oil fill cap.
  5. Good morning everyone, Fitst post,, I currently own a 98 R50 XE with 240k. No issues I'm just taking my time to fix all the oil leaks and replace the front rear bumpers. So in the mean time I decided to look for another pathy to use daily while I fix up the old battle wagon and stumbled upon this beauty. An 03 SE oem hitch and wiring all wheel drive, leather, mint condition, no rust 76k. So as you guess it's been added to the fleet, lol Pics to follow
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