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  1. Well I just found a 02 SE with 56k original miles. and I have a 99 SE limited. I want to start modifying them especially the 02 and after days of reading I am sure you will all agree that OME is the suspension of choice. I thought it would be a thriving industry with choices like Fox, King , Rancho, Billstein ect. But I find myself desperate now just because I can not find the emu 2922 rear springs. I dont want to wait till september. Any suggestions?
  2. Just found a 99 SE limited wiith 94k and one owner. I do a lot of highway driving to get to the sand and fish. I would like to get a larger size but car is stock. My first choice is a Bridgestone A/T Revo 3. But I have not been up to date with tires today. The forum mentions Falkins. Another question is should I do the timing belt as a priority also. Any other comments on how to start my restore is very welcome.
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