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UPDATE - The host suffered a "Catastrophic Hardware Failure" (*specifics not shared) on 01/13 and the "latest available" backup for the website and database were restored.  At this point they have been unable to recover any later versions of the database.

     We are going to give them another 72hrs to pull off a miracle and find something later than 05/21 before we fully move forward with normal forum operations.  Maybe we'll luck out, but to be perfectly honest, it's not looking good.

     It is still recommended that new members wait to register for the time being, as any new accounts created before our final decision on a path forward is made, may not exist once this is taken care of. This is also true for new topics, posts, status updates, profile & account changes, etc.


As always, we appreciate your patience as ask that you hold on just a little longer.

-NPORA Mod Team

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  1. Wow, we can get to our fuel pump without dropping the tank? I have had to help cut out a window to get to fuel pumps before.
  2. I'm looking at an oem clutch kit and it shows the outer dimensions as 9 3/4". All the kits on rock auto show 9 7/8". What's going on here? Thanks for your insights into this, I don't have experience working on clutches.
  3. Hi, OP, what's the torque rating for the bolt holding the distributor, thanks.
  4. AH I see. Thank you for that explanation
  5. Greetings. I am looking to replace my master cylinder. I do most of my shopping on rock auto and they have categorized some of the cylinders based on the rear disc or drum brake. What is going to be the difference of the cylinders if they both will feed either a wheel cylinder or caliper? I will probably go with BECK/ARNLEY 0729761 but that is one of the few that doesn't specify the rear brakes. I have rear drum brakes. Any insight? Thanks!

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