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  1. +1 on throttle body cleaning. I used Sea Foam spray to clean mine thoroughly and my rough start/no start issues went away completely. My symptoms were: 1) Cranking for a while before it finally started and 2) Cranked and started but ran rough for two seconds before running smooth.
  2. Holy crap it WAS my cat heat shields!! Unbelievable. You guys are amazing - thank you all for your help!!
  3. Hello folks! While driving or sitting still in park in my driveway, if I rev up my engine to about 2,100 RPMs, I hear an odd metal on metal grinding noise coming from my engine compartment. If I were to guess which side I hear it coming from more it'd be the right side. This has been happening consistently for the past four months. I have about 2k miles on a 10w30 fully synthetic oil change. This noise occurs when the engine is at full operating temperature OR when it's cold. Any ideas what this could be? 175k miles on a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder LE. I have zero other symptoms to report - my Pathfinder is running pretty great otherwise. Thank you all in advance!! Tony
  4. Hello again! The issues I was having with a loose front end have been completely resolved by instead doing the following: 1) Replace the two steering rack mount bushings - NAPA 6413408 2) Replace the two front sway bar bushings - Moog K90024 I was VERY surprised those two ended up being exactly it. It's like night and day. Therefore, to anyone trying to fix the "death wobbles" in their Pathfinder/QX4, I'd not only replace the rear upper and lower trailing arm bushings, but ALSO replace the front steering rack and front sway bar bushings.
  5. Thank you all very much for the advice! I've had this thing for about 10 years and it has definitely become loose/unstable as time goes on. My plan is to make a weekend out of replacing all these parts - the idea is to just replace it all as I plan on driving this thing indefinitely: Sway Bar Bushing Kit, Moog K90024 Inner Tie Rod End, Moog EV396 Outer Tie Rod End, Moog ES3466 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit, Moog K90659 I'm going to skip the ball joints as I don't hear any noises ever and doubt they need to be replaced yet. Thanks again! Tony
  6. Hello awesome forum! I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder LE with 171k miles on it. Simply put, my front end feels loose. What should I look for in my front-end in terms of common things happening to an aging Pathfinder of this year? If I were to jack up my front end and take the wheels off, where should I look and what/how should I pull on to check for issues? My guess is it's tie-rod and sway bar ends wearing out? Symptoms: When I hit a bump, the wheel quickly goes in another direction, compared to other SUVs. If a road is sloped, even slightly, the car will turn itself down that slope. For the most part, I constantly have to hold my wheel to keep the car straight down the road. Nothing wobbles. Nothing clunks when turning. I don't notice any control issues when cornering. I had the death wobble and fixed it with new upper/lower trailing control arms on the rear end. Here is what I've done over the past two years to it in an effort to fix it: Replaced front struts and rear shocks with KYB brand units. Replaced both the upper and lower trailing control arms on the rear end. This fixed the death wobble I was also having perfectly. Replaced the rear coil springs. I had an alignment after I got new Michelin LTX M/S tires. Tires are all inflated properly and appear to be wearing evenly. Thank you all in advance! Tony Simply put, my front-end feels loose when driving at any speed.
  7. The tires are about 8,000 miles old and I rotated them yesterday and it didn't seem to change anything. I had the rotors resurfaced because there was brake pedal jutter (it would vibrate when braking). My mechanic said that they were warped and had to be resurfaced, but not replaced since apparently they had a lot of life left in them. I had my mechanic do it and didn't see the bearings when it was there. They repacked them while they had it and it seemed to be ok afterwards. Actually now, the same jutter in the brake pedal is back - BUT NOT AS BAD. I am going to make an appointment with them to diaglose the woo-woo-woo noise. Since I am friends with them, they will diagnose it for free! I will let all of you know what they say. Hopefully I can get in sometime next week! THANKS TO ALL!!
  8. Yeah, exactly. I try to be as perceptive to ANYTHING but it's really hard to tell if there is anything wrong. The only things I notice are: - I hear a "wobbling" sound, kinda like a woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo sometimes when coasting. I am thinking it's the wheel bearings? CV axles? - It sometimes seems as though the alternator is streining under the load of the headlights (OEM) and heater fan. Anyone else?
  9. Hello Everyone! I hope that you guys can give me some advice. I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder 2003 LE with 52,000 miles on it. Here are some more specs on it: - Original ignition components (haven't had to change anything, due to the maintenence schedule - it isn't time yet) - K&N Drop in filter (8,000 miles old, cleaned once, properly oiled) - Mobile1 fully synthetic 5w30, changed every 8,000 miles - All gear box and transfer case fluids changed at Nissan dealership about 5 months ago* - Front wheel bearings repacked about 4 months ago when I had the front brake rotors re-surfaced - Yokahama HT-S tires (nice highway tires) The problem is this - I have been noticing a gradual decline in engine performance and fuel economy. I have been noticing it in hot and cold weather, and the gas hasn't changed locally here. It also doesn't matter what gas station or grade (I only use mid-grade or higher). One thing that I notice the most, is that while coasting down hill, the car will slow down instead of speeding up like it used to. I am thinking it could be the front wheel bearings? Maybe the brakes? Propeller shaft (driveline)? What do you think? What should I do? Are there any maintenance-related things I should do to it, even though its not due?
  10. Hello! I haven't had my propeller shaft greased for just about 7,000 miles now and was wondering what GREASE people here have used. Does Nissan have any special grease? Also, has anyone had to install the grease nipples themselves or were they already on the drive shaft? Here is a diagram of it:
  11. Hello! I am new to this forum. I purchased by 03 Pathy at 43k miles on it and decided to change over to fully synthetic Mobile One 5w30. I am now at 50k miles and am on my second oil pan full of it. I don't seem to have any problems and really can't tell if there has been any performance or gas mileage improvement since. Are you running full synthetics? If so, what brand are you using? What are your experiences with it?

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