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  1. So as the title suggest, my after market coil springs are binding, making that clunk or boing noise from the coils rotating when turning the steering wheel. The after market parts should've been correct, but they are what follows Kyb sm5329 (boot, mount, bearing) Kyb 335015/16 struts Ome coil MD. Can't remember the part number right now. Unable to upload photos. Curious if its to much lift from the coil, or if I put something in wrong, over tightened, under tighten. Maybe put the coil upside down? I put the flat part of the spring on the mount and the other end with the end of the spring sticking out towards the strut itself. Thought I set it correctly. Any suggestions help. Also if you know a way to upload photo/video, I'll gladly upload if needed. Thank you so much
  2. Do you need a sleeve for both upper and lower bushings or is it recommended to have sleeves in both? Driving a 99/pre. Trying to get all the parts I need so I can pretty much drop em in and call it good
  3. Currently everything is stock. Would like the option to go off road with ease. I do plan on going out camping and hikes

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