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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm after a bit of knowledge that you all might be holding onto. I have recently brought a Terrano R50 (basically a pathy) and it doesn't have the factory roof rails that run down the length of the truck. Luckily it does have the fixed points under the gutter covers. I looked at getting some second hand Terrano roof racks to throw on, but I can't find any! Does anyone know of any other models that have the same mounting dimensions as the Terrano, that I may actually be able to find in country (I was thinking Xterra, X-trail, patrol, safari). I'm also open to aftermarket options! Thanks in advance!
  2. Love this idea, Im having trouble finding roof racks for my Terrano here in NZ and I reckon something like this might be perfect to get me through. Any chance you can elaborate on the design of these mounts a bit more? I'm guessing these are bolted directly to the fixed points in the rain gutter? Love the rest of the build too!
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