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  1. I don't remember mine off hand but I put in quite a bit more than the manual said - I just measured what came out, and it was more than the documented amount. However, I can't ever get the dipstick to measure anything. lol.
  2. Sad days, after waiting a month for my OME shocks they sent me the ones for the pre-facelift which would have to go in mine upside down. Guess it's going to be another month.
  3. But how will my pathfinder's chi ever align without its vibration crystals??? Thanks for the answer. To the bin they go.
  4. Hey guys, I'm tearing in to the suspension work on my R50, and while doing the upper trailing arms, I was going to transfer these weights over to the new one, but the rubber tore up and the stud just spins. So I have two questions: 1. What's this thing called? Most diagrams I can find clearly show it exists but don't seem to assign it a name or part number. I can't find it in major aftermarket parts catalogues either. 2. Is it important? I see some R50's didn't come with this at all. Do I need it? I imagine this is some sort of vibration dampener. I think I can salvage this other one by cutting the stud out and adding a proper bolt, and maybe figuring out some method of keeping what's left of the rubber there, although I'm sure it wouldn't last forever. It's pretty grim. +
  5. With the upper and lower plenum, fuel rail, and the intake manifold off, the rear thermostat and hose is easy to reach. The back pipe is not easy to reach. If you're going to hunt for it, make sure you have an intake gasket set though - you can't reuse them. Not a bad idea to have some vacuum line handy - I just went through this repair myself and there were a couple rotten hoses. You're right behind the PCV valve too, so if you've never done that you can replace it. IF that hose was the one that was ruptured, it surely would have spilled coolant all over your knock sensor. I'm not sure how happy it would be after that. See if you can source the thermostat too - its a different model than the one you just put in the front. It took me a couple days to find one locally.
  6. I wonder if it could be the one below the intake manifold? That's pretty big and far back there... could it flow in a way that ended up behind the oil pan?
  7. I don't really have an opinion, I'm just looking forward to update upon update where I can barely understand what's happening.
  8. Ok it was more like 2 weeks rather than a month but I did a bunch of highway driving and some mild fire road stuff, and I'm happy enough to dive in. I ordered a @!*%load of stuff today, as I'm going to have some time off towards the end of August. I ordered springs, struts (and hardware), shocks, a muffler and piping, and pretty much everything suspension related with a bushing in it except front control arms and a panard bar. I also ordered a front skid plate and missing link. I can't edit the title but I wish I could now call it "Jotegir's confirmed for build thread" or something. Sidenote, after my first couple drives to the bike park, I was a little bit worried about milage in this thing - turns out the gas gauge reads 1/4 left when you in fact have 35/80L remaining. Whew! It's about where I expected.
  9. Hmmm..... Yeah, and it's the chip I need. I have 2 spare keys that can unlock the vehicle but not start it. I'd love to get another "can start the vehicle" key in case I lose this one up in the woods somewhere. I usually have a floor pump in my vehicle as riding is my main "sport". The inflator isn't a bad idea to keep around for needing something in a pinch. I have a couple of them already, so it wouldn't hurt to chuck an old one somewhere in the box.
  10. OK guys, I'm now officially in stage 2 of my pathfinder project! It got plates Wednesday. That means I'm going to bash it around for a month or so and see if anything comes up. Then its back off the road for the next bit. As a sidenote, I'm glad I picked this sucker up when I did. I've continued to poke around craigslist/facebook marketplace/kijiji out of curiosity (one of the funny things about living in interior BC is that the lower mainland almost exclusively uses craigslist while the interior, a mere 3 hours away, doesn't use it at all) and all the pathfinders on there are similar or worse condition for substantially more money! One in roughly this condition is now seeking like 7-8K CAD, and there isn't a single one below 220K kms in western Canada now! Sheesh. What a difference two months makes. Edit: Aaaay got pictures working! The Pathy The old rig with the pathy creepin' On the way back from the mountain So now I'm going to compile a list of to-do's for stage 3. Any recommendations or "actually you're wasting your time there" for long term reliability or "boy I wish I changed that before I was 4 hours up a fire road north of Pemberton" for the following would be most appreciated. "The Good" Mods: For the lift I'm planning on using is a wide combination of parts: Front: KYB Struts + bellows OME HD front springs OEM/Moog strut mounts and bearings (the Nissan dealer's service desk in my town won't give me the time of day so actual OEM is kind of sticky) Rear: OME shocks LR 9447 Springs I already have one of those air bag kits in the back - I think I'll keep it there after the swap which will let me add some pressure if I want to emulate 9449's for the occasional trip or two. We get loaded down but I don't tow. I'll probably post the lift-related stuff in the LR spring thread, as that appears to have become the de-facto suspension lift questions thread provided LR springs are involved in some way. Protection: Fleury's missing link and front skid plate - maybe I'll add the rest later? For what the current goals of the vehicle are I think that's fine for now. For tires I'll have to see. I'd like to keep the stock wheels as I think they are really cool (they're kinda rough, I'd restore them over winter - I have a pretty good paint setup for small objects) and I understand the stock wheels get complicated with bigger tires. As this is an adventure and cruiser build more than a rock crawler, i don't need to go crazy here. Reliability changes/upgrades: Replace Thermostat and maybe water pump - from what I've been reading a lot of you guys are very much a "if it aint broke don't fix it" water pump attitude. Let me know! Replace bushings and/or ball joints or whole pieces for all of the control arms and similar in the vehicle. Replace wheel bearings while wheels are off for the lift RR drum shoes One of the sensors on the TPMS is shot. I'd like to get the light off ideally. Cosmetic/Auto/Other: Spare Key (from somewhere...?) touchscreen head unit backup camera - when we do trips in the Blazer, because half the cargo area is puppy area, the back is piled to the sky and there's no rear visibility at all. I'm imagining the same problem here. Clean and de-surface-rustify anything that I take off before it goes back on. The original back end of the exhaust is pretty done. I'll have to stick another on. LED map lights Swap the stock towers for Yakima ones so my tent can come over! Stage 4: When I get here I'll have to evaluate. I have dreams of a rear bumper, sliders, a locker, maybe even manual hubs, extensive electrical stuff, what have you, but we'll worry about this stuff once stage 3 is done and I'm cruising in it. Please note, I'm not looking to do everything on the cheap! I respect a ton of other forum users who are getting amazing results while spending very little money, and the Pathy is an amazing vehicle to allow you to do that. However, I'm OK to spend where it counts to get the vehicle I really want. I didn't buy a Pathfinder to save money specifically, I purchased one because I've always wanted one!
  11. It MIGHT have a rear LSD but it may as well not. The stock LSD, if it exists, is pretty weak to my understanding.
  12. Found the little bastard the other day. The vacuum line running from below the intake manifold to beside the upper plenum had a tear in it. I didn't inspect that end of the line last time I was down there as it came out with the intake, but unlike every other hose in the vehicle, that end is extremely rotten. Trouble is I'm now waiting to put everything back as everywhere is sold out of the intake gasket sets and a couple of the crush metal type gaskets the intake uses that I just put on don't look like I should put them back. I was told the parts store would have a set for me today but no call yet. Still waiting on a throttle body gasket from a couple weeks ago to take that thing off too.... Edit: Boys she sounds beautiful! Insurance tomorrow!
  13. Man, with the bumper and the wheels I bet a lot of people don't look too close and compliment you on your 4runner all the time.
  14. Hah, the glow in the dark pigment takes the cake. I don't think I've ever seen someone throw that over calipers.
  15. Whelp, got everything back together, started it up, and there's a godawful vacuum leak. Sigh, guess I'll start over from the top tomorrow
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