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  1. Definitely going to pick up some rubber sheeting from Ace, then. Sounds like the basic safety thing is to disconnect the battery's negative terminal then, as a safety measure regardless? OIl-soaked rag or paper can burn impressively if you roll 7's during the job and something lights up. I'll write down that filter number - that "first oil change" in a newly acquired vehicle on the farm is usually a basic cheap one, next one will be with good oil and premium filter. I expect my next thing on that beast will be checking the transmission & fluid - is it normal for it to rev pretty high (over the 3 on the tach) before shifting? That would be regular sidestreet driving.
  2. Just finished. I used a clamp-type filter wrench to get it loose, after it came off fine and had enough room to get it out with minimal spill - maybe a tbsp ended up on the little tray I made, with a little more sliding below it. I've had to do the screwdriver trick before and did not relish the thought with that tight a working space. :) I'll glue a rubber sheet to the underside of the little tray I made to avoid any conductivity problems, thanks for the tip. Tight fit but my arms are tiny and just exactly long enough that I could get to the filter and get it out. Also. I looked up the filter to use, the filter that came up was a 3682 so I bought one - but the one I removed was a 3614. I don't know if that was an old tractor or our old samurai, but we had a couple of those in the shed. it looked like the 3682 _should_ have fit but I could not get it to the right angle so I went with the 3614 and it went on just fine. Put in the oil, started it up, didn't blow the filter seal or anything else, and after shutting it down and checking the dipstick everything was fine, tight and dry. Thanks loads for the comment! :)
  3. I'll add after taking a second look just now - I have plenty of sheet nickle silver, the stuff is sturdy and flexible (not silver, a nickle alloy. I make jewelry you see.) I can probably fabricate a kind of a drain pan that with a drain channel that pours into my oil drain pan. It would fit just there, one that can be put in place over what I've read is the starter and other stuff, just for filter changes then removed. My only concern would be that I read something about a power terminal to the starter that's right there? Would I be risking shorting something out? Obviously I wouldn't be doing this while the engine is running, but it seems like something I should check with y'all on. Thanks!
  4. I'm a 5'2" woman and because I'm the smallest adult on the farm, I do all the oil changes, and some of the less involved repairs and maintenance. I can just barely reach the filter, standing on a stepstool, right knee on the battery mountings. We just got this '93 SE Pathfinder, looks good under the hood, nice and clean like someone did it up before we got it. (Leaving an old battery to leak on the carpet in the very back, no, not so cool but I took care of that.) I can see on the filter written that it was last changed in January '21. Good oil color on the dipstick, but we like to do an oil change when we add a vehicle to the farm. If the filter wasn't cranked on to the physical limit of its seal (a common problem I find with Walmart oil changes) I think I have the leverage to loosen it. I read about the tricks involving rags, baggies over the filter to keep the oil as contained as possible, all great suggestions. But I need a longer arm, or... what? Any suggestions? Even my old Swedishbrick while it's like playing Twister to reach it, I can still get a good grip. Do any of you shorter folks have any suggestions? If we keep this for long enough, I like the idea of a filter relocation kit, and brought it up to my brother in email - if we keep it for years, then it's a good plan (or else I'll tell him "sucks to be you, there's the Walmart.") Also the online manual stuff says 3.6 or 3 5/8 qt, but I read on a post on this web forum that 4 qts won't hurt anything as the oil pan's nice and deep. Any other thoughts on this? Thanks! And enjoy your day wherever you are.
  5. I'm the smallest adult on the farm, so I do the oil changes on pretty much everything. The web forum's thread expressing opinions on the location of the oil filter pretty much saved my sanity. Nice to know I've got a place to get make/model specific answers from people who have practical experience - thank you!
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