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  1. Finally got an opportunity to take the pathfinder out on a good road trip, about 1,726 miles all in. Stayed in Georgia on the lake for a couple days. Car didn't skip a beat.
  2. Yep always started cold 100% of the time. This is for a Maxima but the process is similar. Undo all the screws under the steering wheel, then the screws attaching the plastic to the dash. About 3:30 into this video this guy starts his car with a screwdriver, you can do the same. I don't think it really bypasses the switch, because I think it is, but it was more reliable than starting it with my key the few times I tested it. Replacing the switch has fixed it.
  3. Awesome setup! What tent is that?
  4. I was having intermittent no click no turnover on my 95 when the ignition switch went bad. Exactly like you said, it was usually after a drive and it had been parked for a little bit but would always start from cold. It was really easy to replace and I haven't had the issue since.
  5. Awesome good to know!
  6. @Teesetz is this installed right on your stock roof rack or did you have to buy any additional parts? Looks great!
  7. Looks great! I did the same thing pretty recently.
  8. The fog light switch hasn't worked since I bought the truck so neither have the fog lights. I haven't troubleshooted deeply but wanted to see if there was anything obvious to look for?
  9. It's nearly perfect with the exception of a couple dings and little patina appearing on the top (but I do like the look of the patina). The entire car is a time capsule it had the factory floor mats and net for the trunk when I picked it up.
  10. Flushed my coolant system and cleaned the reservoir. Got the torsion bars adjusted so my ride height in the front is normal.
  11. Good info thanks - it's been popping up periodically and it seems to require a couple of more turns than before so I'm going to check the ignition switch this week before it turns into a bigger issue.
  12. Now that I've gone down a promising path on one of my intermittent issues I'd like to see if anyone might have any insight to this other one. I never have a problem starting my 95 Pathfinder when it's cold cold like has been sitting overnight or longer. Sometimes though, I'll take a trip and let the car hang out for anywhere from 5 minutes - 1 hour and when I get back in and turn the key, I get a no crank no start. All the other electronics work and come on and after 1-4 turns of the key it'll start right up. Just today I took a 160 mile day trip to see how my IAC and throttle body cleanup felt. I drove the first 85~ miles, parked and left the car for 5 minutes or so and when I came back it took 3 tries to start. I took 2 more stops on my way home and when I got back into the car those times it started right up each time. Maybe the starter switch is going bad?
  13. The MAF seems to be in good shape, I had the throttle body and IAC cleaned out and the issue hasn't resurfaced yet. I'm going to take a little round trip drive between Chicago - Milwaukee this weekend just to see how it does.
  14. Hey Aaron - we've talked a bit on instagram nice to see you here. I definitely paid a nostalgia premium for the car but I'm okay with it haha
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