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  1. Supose I should have listed some reasoning. Im turning in my car and want to keep my 31" mudder tires. I found a set for $50 that are the smaller size. Just wasnt sure if they would fit or not. Thanks.
  2. That one is tight. Thats prolly the way ill end up going.
  3. Thanks guys. Im gonna start checkin out some different areas. Any other popular pathy areas you can think of.
  4. The reason I started this thread was because I dont know what i want and am looking for some outside opinions. I never assumed the newer ones were better just asked the question. My parents arent making me trade in the pathfinder but like i said, 3500 is way more than I could ever get for it so why not. It looks like the general opinion is just get another old pathy. Only thing about that is I havnt been able to find one with under 140k miles, least not within 500 miles of here. Guess I just gotta keep looking.
  5. an xterra may just be what im looking for. Guess its time to do some research on em.
  6. Its actually not that complicated or flawed. If you have an old car you turn it in and if the new car you buy gets like 2 or 3 mpg more than the one you turn in you get a 3500 credit. Who cares what the dealer makes off it. I supose the whole point was, the pathy will never sell for over 1500 even tho its blue book value is over 2500. I may try and find a better path. Maybe add a some $ to the 3500 from my parents. How are the newer pathfinders. 2000+? Some interiors look dam luxurious. Do they kick a** off road like mine?
  7. So the cash for clunkers bill has passed and I now have a dilemma. That is, should I sell my beloved pathy? I love the path and everything about it but the truth is, shes aging and quickly. The frame is facing a continuous battle against rust and the engine, though very reliable still, can only last so much longer. It looks as if my parents will trade in the pathfinder and buy a new car with the voucher and give me the cash that the voucher is worth($3500). I just have no clue what I could replace her with. Nothing even comes close. I just need some help. The floor is now yours for suggestions. -Luke- Oh did i mention the govt requires all vehicles turned in to be Destroyed. I dont know if I could give it away to such a fate.
  8. thats too bad. They are $10. Thought maybe the window dimensions didnt change that much but oh well. Thanks guys.
  9. Thats interesting. I wonder if thatll wear your alty down quicker?
  10. I found a set of new rain guards that are designed for a 1996+ pathfinder on craigslist and was wondering if there would be any issues putting them on my '95. Anybody have a clue? Thanks. -Luke-
  11. my cruise control stopped working around the same time my horn stopped working. I dont know whats goin on but it sure would be nice to have both back.
  12. I dont know what everyone else is talking about. I say go for it man, please, and post pics and vids. I would kill for a set of those for the winter/play.
  13. im running a flowmaster 40 series 2in pipe. It sounds great to me.

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