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UPDATE - The host suffered a "Catastrophic Hardware Failure" (*specifics not shared) on 01/13 and the "latest available" backup for the website and database were restored.  At this point they have been unable to recover any later versions of the database.

     We are going to give them another 72hrs to pull off a miracle and find something later than 05/21 before we fully move forward with normal forum operations.  Maybe we'll luck out, but to be perfectly honest, it's not looking good.

     It is still recommended that new members wait to register for the time being, as any new accounts created before our final decision on a path forward is made, may not exist once this is taken care of. This is also true for new topics, posts, status updates, profile & account changes, etc.


As always, we appreciate your patience as ask that you hold on just a little longer.

-NPORA Mod Team

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    She's got roughly 170k she's been stupid reliable only broke down for normal stuff like battery and starter. Never left my mama, grandma, or me on the side of the road never overheated has been a great daily. Starting to show its age but still doing just fine.
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Hey everyone I’m new to the association and I don’t really know a whole lot about rims. I would like to put on some cragar soft 8’s on my 2001 pathfinder LE. The rims are 17x8, 4in back spacing, bolt pattern is 6-5.5, and the offset is -12. Should these work fine with it and what’s the spec on the factory rims if anyone knows?
  2. Hey y'all I'm new to the association I don't exactly own a pathfinder but my granny who lives with me does and I'll eventually own it. It's a 01' LE 4x4 my mama bought it brand new took good care of it my granny takes good care of it currently hardly gets driven but that changes when she hands me the keys from time to time lol. It's been a great car it has roughly 169k on it never left either one of us broken down unless for something normal like a starter or battery. Whenever I own it I would love to put an SF creations 2in spacer on the front and back I don't plan to do any hardcore wheeling with it just light dirt trails and mud so there's no point in really updating the suspension significantly in my opinion when it's mainly going to be driven on the street . I would also love to throw on some cooper discoverer A/T 265's and put on the factory 5 spoke wheels and get rid of the hideous aftermarket chrome rims that came with it from the dealer after the lift.

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