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    just bought for 1500, couple of things wrong, needs rear sway bushings(i think thats whats wrong) lol someone lost the remote, re wired past the alarm so that needs to be fixed so far, new injectors, plugs, plug wires, ecu, fuel pump, fuel filter, pretty much a full going over other than getting into the moter and tranny, 2wd for now, vg30(e) slow but gets it done, and ill be damned if the thing dont catch some good 4 feet of air coming off of my trail in the woods and looks cool on three wheels going in, lol
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    charlotte nc, soon denver/keystone CO :)
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    Weekend Warrior
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    charlotte nc/denver co
  1. i tried the 6x9's on the front of my 93, didnt fit at all, no way they were going in, so i bough some cheap 4" speakers and they fit in the stock bezel, i think im going to do the same for the back, my stock ones were dry rotter and blown all to hell but still sound decent if your not pumping the bass, my tweeters are fine though nothing wrong with them at all, still sound good and load as hell. my one question where is this factory amp? theres a fuse for it but theres also a fuse spot for the heated seats and i dont know if my model came with eather and how do i find out? pm me lol
  2. this is my third nissan 93 240, 250k miles at death 93 300z twin turbo 700+hp died in the garage from a bag dropped by the wife at 120k miles and now my pathy which all vg30s that ive seen has reached the 300k mark before death so im getting another vg30 motor to build and stick in this thing when it dies as far as new cars, if i ever decide to get one, prob a new z or armada, or maybee and xterra who knows just putting the point out there that you can dog the @!*% out of these things and theyll still stay true to you

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