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  1. I am trying to decide what to do for a lift. I don't want anything too big. I would like to do the SF Creations spacers in either 1" or 2". At the same time I would be putting on new shocks/struts/springs. I currently have 255/70/16 AT tires on. I feel like a 2" spacer lift would make these tires look too small. Can anyone point me to some pics of an R50 with the 2" spacer lift and either 255/70/16 or 265/70/16 tires? Preferably on a post-face lift R50.
  2. PartTime4WD, did you ever get the front suspension put on? If so, do you have any pics with everything complete?
  3. AR97Pathfinder, did you ever get those ACDelco springs installed? If so, how do you like them? I am considering those or the Moog. The ACDelcos are supposed to be variable rate while the Moog are constant rate. Curious how they ride for you.
  4. Slartibartfast, thanks for the info. I did put some grease in there and no change. I will live with it for now but might try and find one in a yard.
  5. I can't find anywhere in the manual, but what kind of grease to I put in the steering pivot box? I am assuming it would be ok to use something like Lucas Xtra heavy duty grease?
  6. Thanks so much! I will start by simply adding grease to it. It has definitely leaked out a small amount of grease. And thanks for the link to the service manual as well!
  7. I am getting a small steering clunk when you turn the steering wheel just about 1 inch each way. Basically right at center. It seems to be coming from the area of the Steering Transfer Pivot Box which is the box that allows the steering shaft to turn 90 degrees and go to the rack and pinion. It is located in the front of the engine bay, driver side, next to the radiator. There seems to be a square bolt on the back side that looks like it is used to adjust it. Does anyone know if this pivot box can be adjusted with the bolt on the backside? Or is there a way to place grease in there? Also, I have already changed my tie rod ends, inner/outer sway bar bushings and steering rack bushings. 1999.5 Pathfinder SE 4X4 Auto 110K miles.
  8. So that is intentional? Makes no sense. It is such a bother to open the glass that I never do it. On my '03 Suburban there is a button on the rear hatch. Press it and it opens the glass portion. Simple and makes perfect sense.
  9. Mine does the exact same thing on my '99.5. Everytime I turn the key to open the glass, all the doors lock. Any fix for this?
  10. Just an update in case anyone is helped by this. I ended up having 2 bad fuel injectors. So I replaced them all with Hitachi injectors and all is great now. I also ended up doing the upper plenum coolant delete. The engine runs awesome now.
  11. Quick update. I ended up ordering a complete rear axle from a 2001 Xterra 4WD with an LSD Diff. and 4.63 gears and 98K miles on it. I removed the third member and swapped it out with my open diff. It was a bit of a job, especially removing and replacing the third members as they are quite heavy. Thankfully I had 2 other sets of hands to help. So far it seems to work great. I haven't really had a chance to test it thoroughly but I plan to soon. Thanks again for all the input!
  12. Thanks! Do you have a link to the FB group where one was made to fit?
  13. I saw this roof rack fairing with the 2 lights integrated into it for the 2nd gen Xterra. Anyone know if something like this was made for the R50? I have been looking but no luck.
  14. Can the back glass be opened with the tire carrier in the closed position?
  15. I am going to focus on the '01-'02 Frontiers and '00-'02 Xterras. Those would be plenty ideal for my purposes. Maybe a dumb question, but was the LSD a factory option in the 2WD models?
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