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  1. Thanks for the reply Slarti the pump hasn't gone out but it's getting harder to steer while sitting still and I notice some jumping/vibration in the steering wheel when i turn left almost full lock. Just trying to get it back 20 years in condition and felt like it's a good thing to make it drive less old
  2. I bet they are. Mine looks terrible and partially works but only goes up to 3/4 then isn't always correct and have no clue what it would say while empty bc it shows E when it's half a tank. Any idea where to get a new or reman one
  3. Hey I have searched and I am needing to replace the power steering pump on my '91. I noticed the '93 and older have a different pump than after '93.5. So my question is are there actual differences in fitment or can I use a '95 vg30e pump. Further if I swap brackets and pulley could I use one off an R50 or early xterra? Seems like if they are the same engine block it might be possible, or at least locating a '95 WD21 pump. The prices on the R50 and xterra are much lower than the early wd21 pump. Thanks for any replies
  4. Is it possible to use QX4 motor mounts on a wd21? Or are there any hydraulic mounts to replace the motor mounts on a wd21 SEV6
  5. Thanks yeah I have an SE and my tank is 23 gal I will try and find a good used one if possible thanks
  6. Hey OH6 not too many replies to your thread. I was just thinking of doing the same thing and haven't found anything about it. I have a '91 SEV6 four door USA and would like to do a new center console to include cup holders and a little more storage. The first thing that came to mind was D21 parking brake bc of the cover under my dash. I know it's probably not the case but are all the provisions needed for the conversion already on the firewall? What parts did you need to source, and is it possible with a VG30e with auto trans in place? I guess another question is the length of the cable (hopefully stock D21). Also what did you do for your console
  7. Hey everyone I just replaced my original FP and had never even opened the tank with almost 300k on it. Pump went in great and works for now (aftermarket). My problem is that the sending unit was rusted and shabby as all. There is a little cylinder near the bottom with a wire coming off it (i assume fuel light switch?) it was rusted in half and I think may have fallen off. Anyway my question is does anyone know of a place to purchase a decent aftermarket sending unit or even a used one that is still zink coated? My fear is that any unit '95 or older will be near the condition of mine and I would rather just let mine die a slow death if that's the case. Thanks
  8. thanks Slart I have done through and replaced hoses for the whole egr and upper intake 300 miles ago or so. under load it doesn't seem to struggle and once it fires it seems to run smooth with a slight miss while in gear but it's 289k so not bad or like a vacuum leak. The valve i was thinking of is the one with the idle adjust screw. I think it may be the Idle mixture. Either way thanks for the feedback
  9. Hello my '91 sev6 usually starts within 2-3 revos in the am but every time after during the the day it takes a good 10-15 seconds to finally start. It always starts but takes forever. Seems to run pretty well after sputtering to life. Yesterday it did have hesitation under throttle. I need to know if the factory pump may be on it's last legs (289k), the fuel pressure regulator may be going bad, or the idle fuel reg may be bad. Also Is there an easy way to hook up a pressure gage post filter to see what im running?
  10. hey i know this is an old thread and you guys probably have sold the trucks by now but for the issue with the AC buttons not working nor lighting up try the cigarette lighter fuse (15amp). For some reason my old lighter had blown that fuse and when it did my ac controls (push buttons) stopped working. My blower and temp slide knob worked but none of the buttons that control the ac, recirc, and direction would light up green or function
  11. Did you ever get this issue worked out? If so what was the cause? I am having the exact same thing happen to my '91 SEv6 and it is getting annoying bc I can't charge my phone and the ac controls stop working
  12. Hey guys I just replaced all seal/rubber channels on my '91 sev6 and now all of my windows are extremely slow up and down. I was wondering if the motors may be tired or if the window amp actually could be bad. I will try and hit them with wd40 in the tracks and regulators but wasn't sure
  13. Thanks I ended up finding some on amazon. I think they were the same as the '95 altima and sentra. They work beautifully and are installed working well. Now I just need to get 1.5" springs for the rear and finish reassembly and it is nice.
  14. Hey Rob are you still around? If so do you have abillity to get wd21 pathfinder window trim?  Having my truck repainted and now I cannot find anything


  15. Hey did you get anywhere? Im doing the same and having my '91 repainted. now I cannot find any of the run channels and stuff for the rear doors or rear glass.
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