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  1. I’m not in the market for a new vehicle but this new pathfinder is not appealing. This explorer competition looks like the countryman in the back, highlander side view(fj copy color scheme), and an explorer up front. If they really want to motivate me to get a new ride, it’s gonna have to be something that you can get lockers on from the factory. And something that is rugged and looks rugged. The pathfinder name should be on a little suv tank with lockers. Something stupid capable. Sorry not sorry. I enjoy pathfinder but designers are still missing the point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you! I appreciate it. Looking forward to doing more wheelin in the qx4. Nissan 4x4 been holding it down in the Japanese import market in North America for a long time. I see so many of these on the road now still. Also all the hard body 4x4s too. I’m looking forward to working on it, doing trails and meeting Nissan people who already knew what was up. Have a good one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I appreciate you! I added a couple photo to the original post. Have a good day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So what I did was to gain clearance in the front end as a (no budget currently) starting point. I trimmed the front bumper in this case for function and to get it towards the look i'm going for. I appreciate the styling of the pathfinder of the same year but the front bumper on the qx4 hung super low and wasn't attractive to me. I also want a winch and a simple bumper that I might build or have built. I don't have experience building bumpers, just some schooling welding, a welder and some ideas. Driver behind the bumper is where the air temp sensor is plugged into the air diffuser (I believe that's what nissan called it). Once the front bumper is trimmed, it is obvious. I removed it, relocated that sensor onto the air box in the hood driver side. Easy peazy. Closer to the look i want in the front. Also, can climb some things without touching my bumper or fogs/blinkers. For now, the Q stretches her legs further without the sways. I did some research and appreciate you addressing it. It is for sure a safety issue to someone who isn't aware they are missing. For me, I tried the same obstacle where one wheel was in the air and without sway, tire doesn't come off the ground. With how basic my rig is right now, it makes a difference crawling. I also enjoy the way it drives a little more believe it or not, lol. What is available right now is the front lokka locker and so I would get that with wheel hub locks. If you can elaborate or direct me to the feed on the trans/locker issue, i would appreciate it. I mean I could get by with out one and I have but this thing feels like it would be a crawler tank with lockers on front and back. If it's just wheel chirp that I would have to deal with if I do Lincoln, it doesn't bother me. Someone had mentioned lokka might be working on a rear one, which is exciting. If the text comes out weird again, please let me know and Ill try red again. Chris
  5. Thank you! I’m working on the photo app next. I don’t think I want to pay for photo bucket to allow me to copy the link and cloud the pix. Should have some pix up in a day or two. Unless you have advice on a better option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Helloo there Tommy! I'm a noob here too. Just wanted to say Hi. Also a Toyota owner. Toyota's been good to me but my Infiniti R50 is pretty damn exciting! Have a good one all! ? Chris @Import_wheelin on Instagram
  7. I appreciate the heads up. Im going to take a look and see if I see the same thing. Probably just repost this just in case. Thank you Raingoat!
  8. Hi R50 Forum, (2002 Infiniti Qx4 4x4) I was in the market for a older low cost wheeler. The current project was put on hold while an ex thought she would use my vehicle as leverage in our divorce. While the Toyota progress was stymied and on hold, I needed to find an affordable daily driver. I was looking for 4 wheel just in case she snaked the Toyota. Wheelin and daily driving this qx4 has been very satisfying and enjoyable. It's built tough and super capable. My interest in Nissan off roaders admittedly started with the Nissan xterra, although I've never owned one. My journey to find a lowish costing 4 wheeler produced this qx4 that's got me excited and also joining this forum. Ill be the one doing majority of the work on it. I’m not a mechanic but have done many vehicle installs and repairs. I'm working with a limited income so add ons start with functionality first and appearance last. I plan to focus on either a winch or locker next step. Done by me -Trim front bumper, remove air difuser, relocate air temp. Sensor, remove wiper fluid tank. -Installed CB radio, antenna and p.a. speaker -Removed front and rear sway bar Previous owner -lift -tires Your community seems to be welcoming and it’s appreciated. Thank you r50 guys for all the research and info you’ve compiled here! Chris Photos added 2/1/21

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