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  1. I thank you a lot mws!!! The informations you gave me are worth a lot for me. I can finally understand what is going on in my transmission. I will take your advice and will change it as soon as possible...unfortunately I can't repair it on my own. Thx a lot again.
  2. Wow! This is exactly what's hapening! Do you know how expensive should be the replacement of the component or if there are other parts destroyed by that bad throwout bearing? And should I repare it as fast as possible or it doesn't really disturb if I let it go for about 8 months like that? Thx for answering!
  3. Hi I'm a newb on this forum and I'm a pathfinder fan. A little problem of mine is that I don't know much about pathfinder's mechanic and I'd like to be helped with a little mechanic bug in my transmission. (sorry, I don't speak english very well). The problem is that when I shift to upper speeds 1 to2 2to3 etc...or when I downshift, there's a really bad sounding noise hapening which I can feel through my shifter knob and my clutch. I have no prblems for shifting, it shifts very smoot. But the sound seems worse each time I use my truck. I don't know what could it be or if it is something really bad. That's why I ask you if you could help me with that trouble. If you know what it is and/or what I could do. Thx for help.

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