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  1. Thank you for all the details. The water pump was the issue and has already been replaced as well as the thermostat and housing. Also with complete flush of system, radiator and both heater cores that were both clogged. By pass for trany will be done. I will look up cam sensors tonight, thanks for that addition. Also reconsidering all the timing as you stated, kinda rather not but not a bad idea while there. Any ideas on making it more fuel efficient? Or just anything else? Thank you very much for the reply!
  2. Thanks but I am aware of that from prior research and the radiator has already been changed. I am considering added a secondary cooler anyway just for longer life and added performance. I am also aware of the secondary timing chain guide issue, but thanks for replying.
  3. I recently bought my second Pathfinder 2006 LE R51 and already have a blown head gasket. So while I have it taken apart, I would like to know what are some good things to mod, upgrade or change while I have it all in pieces? Thank you very much in advance for replying and helping me!

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