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  1. 3.5L V6 with 4WD I just got down replacing my exhaust from the headers back and replaced both downstream oxygen sensors when I had it off the ground with the wheels off I started it up to hear the new exhaust, it started doing this and grinded loudly when put back in park, I shut it off fast with the RPMs really high (maybe 5k not redlined) After putting the wheels back on and putting it on the ground it no longer makes the grinding sound. The RPMs still take off when I shift into park or neutral. Really hope I didn't strip some splines or something but that's outside of my knowledge. The throttle was sticking in drive but I fixed that with some WD40 on the throttle cable. TPS sensor? IAC sensor? MAF sensor? Transmission problem? ECU not liking the new O2 sensors? What's going on??? Thanks!
  2. Thank you! If I'm not doing the alignment myself, should I bring the camber bolts with me when I get one done? Or should I install them before I take it in? I'm capable of getting it pretty close to aligned I just suck at it.
  3. Look, I hate doing stupid stuff to my vehicle, but I'm 20, I don't make much money, and yeah, I can only work with what I've got. When I first bought my '02 QX4 I went out and ordered a 2" spacer lift/leveling set from SF creations and 31.5" tires... All of this has been just sitting at my house for the past few months due to a lack of time. I took the running boards off, so I've got some more clearance for the new tires. I've installed new ball joints, new sway bar links, and will be installing new inner and outer tie rods. Manual hubs will be the next purchase once I've got $100 freed up to spend. From what I read when I first bought the vehicle and did the research 3" spacers are my max without hurting the CVs and brake lines? So am I good to throw the 2" spacers on without causing any issues? Thanks!

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