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  1. have you considered maybe an SR20DET? It'd still get you that 250-300hp if that's your liking. And its a 4 banger turbo so it probably has a much higher chance of fitting than the VG30TT would.
  2. Mine was rusted on and couldn't be removed. I ended up replacing that whole section of pipe.
  3. In a nutshell, my brother was driving the pathy in the snow on Friday night and got cut off. He slammed on the brakes and the back slid out, sending him sideways into a lamp post. Front driver side wheel was ripped off the rim and front alignment was like a "Y" after we put the spare tire on. The front suspension has also "bottomed" out, one side is slightly higher than the other. Fender is mashed in and hood is bent up. I'd take pics but the pathy is at a shop right now so I'd have to get pictures later. What I'd like to be hopeful about though, is it possible for the torsion beams to just drop like that? And can it be cranked back up? I'm trying to be optimistic that the front can be cranked back up and that an alignment can be done to the front wheel to at least make it decently driveable again... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, it's SL lifted on a Calmini 3" Kit.
  4. You and everyone else where they use salt on the roads. o.O Had to box my frame and sadly, not a lot of welders here who know what they're doing, so it cost me $700 to have my frame reinforced.
  5. My 95 is like that too. It takes two hands to pull the lever into 4wd, and takes my foot to kick it back up into 2wd. My uncle had the Pathy sitting for years before he gave it to me. I guess he never put it in 4wd.
  6. You should try those lenses and perhaps get an HID retrofit kit?
  7. Thanks for the info guys. That was the exact grill guard I was looking at. The seller also confirmed that it would not fit. Looks like I'll have to hunt for other options... Not a big fan of the pre runner bars.
  8. Not sure I like the look of the prerunner bar... any pics of what it looks like on the truck?
  9. Yeah, I saw it too, its a RAM Accessories one, seems the guy has some overstock back from when they did make these brush guards. The shipping kills the deal though. I just want a light bar or grill guard.
  10. Hi, Was looking around at some Grill guards, and I was wondering if the mounting points for a 1987-1992 grill guard was different from the 94-95 models. The one I'm looking at says its only for a 1987-1992 Pathy, or 86.5-92 hardbody... can this fit (plug an play) on my 95? Or will some drilling and fabrication be required to make it fit? Thanks
  11. Can the son in law mow lawns and wash cars? But case in point... can't always afford to buy the best parts for our cars, there's sometimes something else taking priority... Alas, settle for the pacesetter. Whatever, it may take a little elbow grease to make it fit properly, but it saves me $200.
  12. Agreed, I'll settle for the pacesetters, and when they come in, i'll sand them down, spray them in dupont high temp ceramic, and if need be, i'll dremel the quarter sized hole to make it right. 200 more for Thorleys is not a price I'm willing to pay on a truck this old. Especially when I have 2 other vehicles that fight for the attention of my wallet...
  13. Doesn't over filling the transmission cause problems? Is it ok to use Redline D4 ATF for the auto tranny, and Redline 75w90 for the diff?
  14. If you are located in Canada, I can get you Redline at a reasonable price.
  15. Duely noted. I'll keep the stop leak crap out of the engine. I'll leave the 10w30 for now and let it drip.

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