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  1. Again, thank you for pointing me toward that. Before, I wasn't sure if I was going to get all the info I needed, so the assurance was helpful. And with a little deductive reasoning, I have it figured out. Forgive my ignorance, but here's what I learned: LG = Light Green L = Blue G = Green B = Black BR = Brown Y = Yellow Y/L = Yellow with Blue stripe G/Y = Green with Yellow stripe and so on... Also, I only counted 14 plugs (not the 16 capacity of the connector) , so I guess I'm covered. Even with the chaos of their being out of the connector, the general order that were holding made it fairly clear which W/B is which - one is thicker gauge (pos. 7) than the other (pos. 2). Mocked it all up in the broken connector and tested the layout - EVERYTHING WORKS! So, when the new connector arrives, I'll be ready. Thank you. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. I stared at this for hours the other day and looking at it again it only gets me about 80% there. I'm not great at reading wiring diagrams. Assuming I know whether G means Green or Grey! I see more descriptions for pins in the diagnostic procedures which gets me a little farther along (But what's the difference between W/B and W/B?). Hopefully, I can make an educated guess as to the last 2 pins that I don't see anywhere else in the guide.
  3. Does anyone have a diagram or picture of the main window/lock panel 16-pin connector? I need to replace the connector and don't have a reference for which color wire goes where.
  4. I was a little too forceful removing the connector from the main circuit board under the window/lock panel on the driver's side and the connector exploded leaving all the plugs free. Does anyone have a picture of the wiring into the connector to help me match up the wires in the replacement connector?

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