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  1. Awesome! Also thanks for the heads up. I was looking at the x-bulks on amazon and similar. Just trying to decide which color. I also want a hilift or a smittybilt jack, probably the latter cause its taller and cheaper. They aren't so useless if you have the right equipment. I was looking at these. I already have a 2 ton trolley jack and a wood plank in my truck and of course the stock tire change kit. What I really want next is a full size spare and an OEM rear tire carrier which I realized is pretty rare around here. Does carrying a spare on the roof effect the center of gravity noticeably? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00042KQ58/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_3?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Hi-Lift-LM100-Jack-LM-100-Lift-Mate/dp/B00042KGWG/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3P2XOA9TR9MUL&dchild=1&keywords=hi+lift+jack+accessories&qid=1603329498&s=automotive&sprefix=hi+lift+%2Cautomotive%2C205&sr=1-3 I also want a snatch strap, one with elongation properties. Trying to decide between this off brand one with good reviews or the ARB one. The price difference is ridiculous though. I think I might be decided already. https://www.amazon.com/ALL-TOP-100-Nylon-Recovery-Strap/dp/B07593BS2G/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3PNPCM4RK4F94&dchild=1&keywords=snatch+strap&qid=1603165128&sprefix=snatch+%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-7 https://www.amazon.com/ARB-ARB710LB-3-1-Recovery-Strap/dp/B004P9C5H8/ref=sr_1_8?crid=3PNPCM4RK4F94&dchild=1&keywords=snatch+strap&qid=1603165128&sprefix=snatch+%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-8
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I wanna run all those trails especially Big Bear. I wanna go but no one I know has an off-road setup. I haven't gotten my truck stuck yet and I don't want to be solo for the first time it happens. Definitely down to link up though! Need more 4x4 friends.
  3. Side note, exhaust smells really rich sometimes at startup for a min or 2.
  4. Knock Sensor is good, all electrical checks passed. I had 91 in there for the past week. Nothing. Tried to bang on the exhaust while cold, no rattle anywhere. The motor mounts and headers are so solid I can't shake anything to get a rattle out of it. Srsly considering renting a small jackhammer to put to the frame and reproduce the rattle. But since it only makes the noise under load who knows it that'll work? I also cleaned the afm and threw some injector cleaner in there. Nothing. Checked the damper, looks solid. I banged on it and nothing. I guess I can unseat it and wrap it up like you said, but I doubt it's the culprit. I'm leaning towards tranny or cats. The sound goes away so it's resonant, I'm guessing it's the cats. It would explain the sluggishness and inconsistent acceleration once in a while when I'm at WOT. I'd call it a very slight hesitation every 5-10 pulls in the powerband between 2-4k. Gotta wait a couple weeks before take it to my guy so he can fab up some test pipes. It looks pretty tight in there, anyone ever change cats? I wonder if it's straightforward or if things need removing. Extra theory... Exhaust leak at a flange causing the gasket to flap around at low backpressure. Couldn't see anything though, but that doesn't mean it's not leaking.
  5. It is a manual... I'm checking this first thing in the morning.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. I threw some injector cleaner and premium fuel in there. I only drove a few miles so far so I don't expect any results yet. I have an original hard copy of the FSM so when I have time I'll do the electrical checks for the knock sensor. It seems the previous owner bookmarked the knock sensor electrical check, ecm and different obd codes. Unfortunately no notes. I wonder if he was chasing this problem before me or if the sensor has been changed. Lastly I'll look under the truck for any loose clamps or a bad cat. I tried banging on the cats but the mounts were too solid and nothing moved. Any suggestions? I heard a jackhammer to the frame works but who keeps a jackhammer in their garage? Don't answer that... At this point I'm really leaning towards the cat being corroded or the transmission being damaged but I will try to eliminate the knock sensor first. The fact that the rattle goes away after 2k rpm is really throwing my diagnosis off though.
  7. I already checked for codes, nothing so far.
  8. I havent tried premium fuel yet. I'll try it and see what happens.
  9. I've been dealing with this for weeks! Ripped off all the heatshields except the left bank one and both cat shields. Its a faint rattling noise between 1-2k rpm when I floor it (lug it) in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Yes I know lugging is bad but, the sound doesnt sound normal. Goes away instantly between 1.8 and 2k rpm and on. Also, it only makes the noise under load, seems to be a resonance thing. I originally thought it was the tranny but it was rebuilt only 40k miles ago. Also, if it was the tranny wouldn't it be constant? Since my I already ripped off the shields my next guess would be cats? My theory is that the honeycomb inside is corroded and clogging the system causing rattling until the pressure buildup holds everything down. How common is cat rattle? The guy who sold it to me did say it failed smog once and passed after changing the o2 sensor. They look original. Also, I've never driven a vg33 before but I have driven a vg30 in a 300zx. This seems sluggish compared to it. But also I'm running 32" tires and this tranny wasnt geared for acceleration. Do the larger tires make that big of a difference? I feel like the engine loses torque after 3k rpm. Is this the normal powerband? Removing those cats look like a pita, please tell me I'm wrong. My second guess would be pinging? But, I would assume detonation would sound more violent.
  10. Sweet! Yeah I'm down. Just lmk when the rig is up and rdy.
  11. Went to 2N33, Pilot Rock Truck Trail today. It's about a 12 mile stretch along one of the highest ridges in the San Bernardino Forest. It's filled with multiple off shoots from the main trail that offers anywhere from beginner to expert level wheeling. It runs along Silverwood Lake in the beginning and you end up near Lake Arrowhead at the end. Extremely beautiful. I managed to make some friends in a pretty nice F150! Together we went up some of the more challenging off shoots, it was epic! I got some free pinstriping and even got spotted for the first time because I was afraid of rolling. We ended the trip with pizza at Lake Arrowhead Village and a beautiful view of the lake. On the way home we got a surprise, the Rim of the World Highway. Yes, its that high... Google it. 2N33, Pilot Rock Road, a sweet trail... minus the trash. I ended up taking home a bag full.
  12. Actually nvm not a good idea given the current situation lol
  13. It would actually be nice to have another vehicle along. All my gearhead friends are still into their track cars, I'm the first one to get into a 4x4. Is there a section in these forums for local meetups?
  14. Actually, I just watched this on YouTube: The obstacle at the end of the video, is that your hill? I wonder if the Pathy can handle it...

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