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  1. As an update, the dude I sold it to just slapped a belt on and it runs great. Apparently, in this case the engine was not interfered with.
  2. I am surprised that you all have not hashed out this interferance/non-interference issue already...I was waiting for someone to tell me "search" or point me to a link where it was thouroughly discussed.... In anycase, I sold the truck as-is and it is a non-issue for me. Good luck!
  3. Here is what I got... I am trying to figure out if this is an interference motor or not in this Nissan...conflicting info on the pathfinder and frontier forums...and everywhere else for that matter as seen above. I think officially it is interference...but a good portion of people who just slap a belt on end up okay. Does that even make sense? This might might be worth a shot if I can slap a belt on. Or I can pay the shop ~$500 and gamble since I generally don't get my hands dirty...and if it fails...I can always just pay the shop to do the heads I guess... And a pic of the beast being pulled by the other beast.
  4. thanks for the info...I don't think I have the patience. Might just go for an engine even though this baby only has 130k... -HH
  5. Hey guys, I got a busted Tbelt on my 2003 3.3L Frontier. Is this a interference engine? Can I expect bent valves? Can I expect piston damage? Is it safer to just toss in a new motor? -Thanks in advance.
  6. I drive like a grandma, but the ole ball and chain is a little tougher on the gas pedal. I was suspecting the short driving habits and truck never fully warming up to be the culprit but didn't want to suggest it so I could see what others came up with. I guess that is it. That and the fact that I thought the r50 was rated for higher mpg's, like 19 for combined city/hwy...but it is more like 15-16 so I am not doing as bad as I thought... But my needle hits below 3/4 mark and odometer only states 50 miles. Most of my other cars, the needle does not move until after it hits 50. Kinda depressing, but I know all machines are not built equal. Well, thanks all!
  7. I had an ebay remote start rigged into my wd21 a few years back...I had a guy on Craigslist install it in my driveway, he rigged the hood sensor onto the E-brake and if the E-brake was down, the remote was deactivated (as if the hood was up), But it is still dangerous....when my brother was showing it to a potential buyer, he hit the button and it jerked forward since it was in gear...I think the chick threw away the remote after buying the truck...lol I had MyerEmco install the one on my R50 for the little lady on her automatic...the only issue I have is that if I use the unlock on his Viper system, my alarm goes crazy. But we carry both FOB's and have learned not to use the Viper one for the locks. She can't handle cold, so she loves it.
  8. Ok, so here goes... Background: Bought this little automatic 4x4 R50 1.5 years ago with 102k miles. It needed some work so we had it done (waterpump, Tbelt, knock sensor). Down the road we got some suspensions issues and had those done too...Now has 112k miles and runs great. Enough power, no real leaks, no smoking, no sputtering, no loosing oil/coolant..ect Current issue: Currently I have codes P0440 and P1448 and from what I can tell, they are evap/emmisions related. I don't think this is the cause of the bad gas mileage but I am no pro. I cleared them 2 days ago and no SES lights yet. The light comes and goes as it pleases and we don't care until it is time for emmisions in Aug. I had low tire pressure on one tire, which shouldn't affect the mileage that much. It has recently been pretty cold in the DC area if that makes a difference. ....But to be honest, I never really pay attention to mpg until recently, last 3 fillups only had 12-13mpg. The truck is driven very little, mainly the ole ball and chain who drives it 2 miles to work or 2 miles to school 3-4 times weekly. I only drive it when I hookup the tow dolly and pull a car home about 2-3 times a month if that. Any suggestions on where to look or is this normal mileage for my driving habits and weather conditions... Thanks!
  9. Alright, I have been doing some towing and it is time to get a trans cooler. Normally I am lazy and just go to Ebay and buy what's available and cheap...but I want a good one that is easy to install...So I come to you guys for the advice and experience. My ride: 98 SE 4x4 automatic, stock suspension, 2 inch ball and towing about 3-4k on a dolly. Any advise on brand and price? Quality? Which ones should I avoid? If you have it, a link to the item or atleast the general website would be awesome. In return, I will get a DIY write up going...fancy pictures, photoshop arrows, notes and a full list of tools needed....the works. Thanks in advance.
  10. Bringing this topic back.... First off, thanks for all the advice. I read everything a few times and things make sense. I still suck at reversing but I got all the safety stuff down. I finally got my T-harness delivered from Ebay and it was a snap to install. Got my hitch installed...no bumper cover due to small accident...but working on repalcement now...Next is a trans cooler...any recommendations on one? The first car I towed was my 1999 VW Passat from WV to N. Va (80 miles)....through the mountains. I went with "O/D off" as many people mentioned...burned through gas like crazy and didn't like the way it felt. The next tow was when I towed my 2003 VW Passat from Richmond to N. Va (80 Miles)....just straight higway driving with some small gradual inclines...nothing serious and drove it as normal...didn't do the "o/d off" thing and it felt much better. I like pulling with regular O/D. I just learned to gain some extra speed before hand. The next tow was my 98 VW Passat 180 miles from Va Beach to N. Va....same as above...R50 did very well. I did not turn O/D off. The final tow was my 2000 VW Passat (pictured in sig) about 8 miles in rough up and down hill nighborhoods and I turned the O/D off this time. My question is, at highway speeds with no serious inclines....which way should I go with the O/D thing? Thanks for all the advise to far. Maybe this (or part of this thread) should be a sticky?
  11. So the chains should not be tight...loose is good, but crossed. Got it. Passat is front wheel, will be lifting front. Yeah, I was moving the dolly empty and found backing up is pretty tricky! I will try to employ this little trick, bottom of the steering wheel. Also, checked the clip on the frame rail of the R50, only three wires. That can't be it, but it would have been hella conveniennt if it was. Anyone know what the hell it is though? It is right there and nothing close by for it to go to... Then I pulled the plastic from the cargo area. Driver side has a bunch of stuff including Bose amp. and the wiring from tail lights has no clip. Feeds into a big bunch of wires. Then I pulled the passenger side and found a clip, looks like I if I get the right adapter, i can tap right in without splicing. Turns out the Xterra and Frontier clips won't work on it and pep boys didn't have the Pathy one. Neither did AdvanceAuto or the local parts store. Might try Uhaul tomorrow.
  12. Thanks guys, this info is awesome! I got another Q though...On my R50, there is a 3 wire wire clip on the frame rail on Pass side...that is not the wiring harness for my dolly is it? Also, I bought two wiring adapters hoping they would work...not sure which one will...can't find the correct harness on the vehicle to attach to. I bought one for 2000-04 Xterra and another for 1998-04 Frontier...hoping one of these will fit as they didn't have a pathy specific one. So where is the clip on the vehicle located? Thanks
  13. Hey guys... My bro got rear ended in my wife's r50 and we took the money since the damage was not bad and I can do the work myself. I took the money and invested in a tow dolly. Got the hitch installed today. I need to get the wiring done and saw a few kits on ebay. anyone have advice for me? When I was putting the hitch on I saw a plug on the pass side along the frame rail...is that the one the hitch wiring goes to? Also thinking about a trans cooler...product reviews anyone? Also, I just bought a VW Passat in NJ that I need to get home...the r50 should be able to handle it right? Mostly highway and not many hills or stop and go. Also, I never towed before...Any general advice?

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