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  1. Hey Guys!!! So I was remounting the radio in my 91 pathfinder. The guy I bought it from never really installed it. when I pulled it out I noticed some slack wires was hitting something behind the radio and it made a buzzing sound. ( at first I heard this sound I thought it was the blower motor never shut off and some leaves were stuck in it) as I looked closer it was a small electric motor that was right behind the radio area and the AC controls. As it would turns the wires that were not tied up and out of the way were hitting it and making a rubbing noise. Needless to say I go it all back together, and its no longer making any noise, but for the life of me Have no clue what that motor is or does. I've searched all the post and even looked at drawings on line and do not see it anywhere.. Would love to know what it is and the purpose of it. Any Body have a clue on this???

  2. Ok Guys.. I'm really Upset at myself .. I cant believe no one on here could figure this out form me explaining it in detail.. this was the answer.. So I tried everything but pull the whole lock mechanism out, which I tore the door down again and took the lock mechanism itself out and cleaned it up and checked for any rods in the wrong place the whole works.. Still nothing wrong. So while it was out, I totally worked every piece on it to see what was unlocking the door and how each piece worked together.  It came down to when the door shut, the door pin latch, it twisted the center of the lock. which had a cam that would unlock it manually.. the plate the cam hit was attached to two places.. the lock "up and down" rod to manually lock or unlock the door,  and the outside door handle.. I did notice a little white adjustable rod that slipped into a slide that allowed you to remove slack from the door handle.. Which I tried to adjust that and it made it worse.. Only thing left was the door handle itself.. Then it dawned on me, maybe it was like my nissan 300 I had 20 years ago.. maybe you have to hold the handle in the up position, when you shut the door to lock it.. Low and behold problem solved.. My dumbass tore that door down 3 different times to find out all I had to do was lift the handle when I shut the door and it stayed locked.. Why did no one pick up on this??? I really wasted some serious hours on this.... Only good news is everything works like it should and I know these doors in and out now.

  3. Ok Guys.. I did go through the ignition switch and unplugged it and the door still would not close without unlocking the door.. I also tried to lock the doors with the key and it does unlock them all when I unlock them, but it does not lock them all when I lock the door.. it  does lock the one I'm locking though.. Here is the weird thing, So I finished installing the battery hold down and the radio.. while I was doing this I had the battery completely disconnected from power and ground.. and just for trial and error I locked the doors and shut them and they still unlocked.. I did it with the right and left front doors and they did both unlock when I shut the door with no power on them.. Now I'm thinking something I did in the doors while replacing everything was put back wrong, or the lock latch mechanism has failed somehow and unlocks the door manually when they shut. I'm stumped.. I guess I will have to tear the doors down again and move the lock trigger manually on the side of the door to simulate it shutting and see what is actually moving on the inside to unlock them.. UGH!!! maybe its something simple, like I got the right door lock and left door lock switched during the install and its working backwards.. I guess I will try and track down a drawing of what each direction everything goes..


  4. Hello Guys. New here so I apologize for asking a question that may have been covered. As a matter of fact I was going through the new guys discussions to try and find answer here Hopefully.. if someone can direct me that would be awesome. So, I was having issues with locks of course, so I changed out all the plastic pieces and locks and even new handles which I wanted the metal version being I already broke a plastic one. Now..All doors work with a key to lock and unlock. All doors lock and unlock with the power lock button also. My main two issues is I hit the lock button and all the door lock and when I shut the driver or passenger door it immediately unlocks. which I have noticed if I lift the front right or left lock manually inside all the doors unlock automatically too. Which is fine by me. But basically I can not lock the vehicle up, being once I lock everything and shut the door they all unlock. I have read a couple of things about a "timer", but not sure it would do this. At the moment the only way to lock the vehicle up, is shut all the doors except the back driver door, reach in and hit the power lock button and then shut the back door. they all then stay locked. remember. all the plastic clips (even the hard to find yellow sliding ones) were replaced. everything was lubed and all rods were fine. Now with that said, did say I had another issue. one my driver switch panel I have a button that you push to lock down or a second time to unlock. It says "power Locks" I believe, but I have not been able to figure out what it actually is or does, everything works exactly the same as I have seen with it depressed or not.. I don't have a manual yet to see what it is, Does anybody know about either of these issues. Thanks!

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