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  1. Did some reading. I found a service bulletin. Service Bulletin NTB10029. IF YOU CONFIRM There is a grinding or knocking noise or vibration from the rear of the vehicle: - when making wide turns - on dry roads - at low speeds (under 20 MPH). ACTION Remove the Rear Propeller Shaft and test drive the vehicle: If the noise/vibration DOES NOT stop: This bulletin DOES NOT APPLY. Refer to ASIST for further diagnostic assistance. If the noise/vibration DOES stop: Replace the Electrical Coupling Assy. (CPLG ASSY-ELEC) with the one from the Parts Information section of this bulletin. Refer to the appropriate section in the Electronic Service Manual for removal and installation. DO NOT replace the entire Rear Final Drive assembly for this incident, if it should occur.
  2. Thanks Mr_Reverse. Does this mean it's worn out clutch? The symptom is similar to this, only this vehicle in the forum is GM truck. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/199847-rear-end-clunking-only-when-turning-normal/#comment-1967026
  3. Hi... I'm not sure if this is the right conversation group, based on my question. If not, please move to the right group. I own a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder SL, which was purchased brand new in 2013. About a year ago, I noticed that when I leave my vehicle on AUTO or LOCK (4-wheel drive); and turn left, right or reverse, there are sounds coming from the back of the vehicle. Gear turning sounds and the back of the vehicle vibrates. When turning left or right, it's a gear turning noise. When reversing slowly, it's a whistle. No sounds when driving straight. This sound is not there when I leave the vehicle on 2x2. The odometer on the vehicle reads 126k. Recently, I had the transfer case fluid flushed out. I'm debating about flushing the rear diff oil. I have an appointment for it next week. The warranty on the vehicle has expired. Does anyone have any ideas?
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